Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Maya's Family

Mikayla and Kiera are the daughters of a friend of mine from my son Stephen's preschool.  Their whole family came out for one of my mini sessions a couple weeks ago.  

Mikayla is about to enter first grade, and Kiera will be in pre-K next year.  Her teacher will be the same teacher that taught her older sister Mikayla a year ago and my own son Stephen this past year. I just know sweet Kiera will love Miss Sonja - just like her big sister and my Stephen did!

Aren't these two precious!

Just in time for Father's Day.  What Dad wouldn't treasure a picture like this?  

And we can't forget one of the other woman in his life.  Here's Matt with his beautiful wife, Maya.

Maya is from Switzerland.  She and her family are traveling to Europe this summer to visit their extended family.  Kudos to Matt for planning a trip to Italy while they're there as well.  Now, that's one trip I wish I could tag along on.  They are sure to have a fantastic European vacation!

Before our session ended, the girls enjoyed twirling in my pettiskirts and eating their large lollipop props.

Now that's SWEET!

We'll be taking some more family pics of these four a little later this month, so keep your eye out for this adorable family again.  

See you all in a few weeks!

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