Thursday, September 14, 2017

Margo: Class of 2017 {Senior Photography McKinney, TX}{Senior Portraits Allen, TX}{DFW Senior Portraits}{Sorrority Recruitment Portraits}

Margo has a special place in our family's heart!  She grew up in the home behind ours and has babysat for our children on occasion.  I've even brought her along as an assistant on a few of my photo shoots over the years.  She's simply lovely inside and out!  Needless to say, I was thrilled Kalen hired me to take Margo's senior portraits.

We decided on downtown McKinney for a fun fashion inspired photo shoot.  I have two options for Senior portraits.  The first is a 90 minute session, one location, 3 wardrobe changes option.  The second is a 3-4 hour session, two location, 5 or more wardrobe changes option.  Kalen and Margo chose the first.  Downtown McKinney is perfect for these shorter senior sessions.  There are multiple settings and endless creative opportunities available in this one quaint location.  As you'll see in Margo's session preview below, Margo has plenty of variety and images to choose from.

I know Margo's going to love these (as will her parents).  They will have a difficult time settling on which images to submit to sororities.  If she wanted to, Margo could just as easily be sending these in to modeling agencies.  She's that stunning!  A classic, timeless beauty who understands the virtue of modesty and being true to one's self.  My assistant that day thought she looked like a young Helen Hunt.

I'm excited to see where your future brings you, Margo!  May God bless you in your future studies and life adventures!  We love you!


It's always fun to see moms with their children during a senior shoot.  They are usually laden down with extra clothes and are busy watching out for hair and wardrobe needs - making sure everything is perfect.  They are also usually fighting back tears (finding it hard to believe their baby has grown up so fast) and overflowing with pride and joy.  I realize (and deeply appreciate) that senior pictures have become a "right of passage" of sorts.  It's such a honor to be a part of this special time in my client's lives!

Friday, August 25, 2017

A Girl and Her Horse: Molly Kate and Nike {Lucas, TX Photography}{Lucas, TX Horse Photography}{Horse Photography}

Molly Kate and Nike, like most girls and their horses, have established a sweet bond.  Nike is boarded at a barn in Lucas, Texas - about a 20 minute drive from Molly Kate's house.  Every time Molly Kate comes out to the barn for a visit, Nike tenderly approaches and the sweetest of greetings ensues.  It's precious!

Molly Kate and Nike make a beautiful pair!

Nike recently suffered a minor accident, so Molly Kate wasn't able to put a saddle on him during our session or show off their barrel riding skills.  Instead, she and her mom loaded him up in their trailer and we headed off to check on their new property. 

Molly's mom Jamie drives the same car as my sister-in-law.  I'm not sure Laura purchased the towing package when she bought her car, but I'm having fun imagining her pulling a horse for my two adorable nieces, Madeline and Ellie - though they are too young yet to ride.

When we arrived to their property (a lovely new subdivision going up further east into Lucas), the tall grasses were beautifully lit by the quickly setting sun.  The skies had been overcast all day long, so I was pleasantly surprised that the sun decided to peak out long enough for me to capture this beautifully back-lit portrait of Molly Kate and her Nike.

Enjoying a change of scenery, Nike explored the property and helped himself to some tasty treats.  Molly Kate did her best to keep him focused and cooperative for their photo session - a tricky task to say the least!

That's more like it, Nike!  (Notice the grass in his mouth!)

Something on the property, or perhaps some distant weather approaching, spooked Nike.  Molly Kate had to work her magic to get him settled.  She's a natural!


By this time our golden sunset light was quickly fading.  We finished up with a few shots over by the pond.  So pretty!

I wasn't about to use flash and spook Nike any further, so this next shot took on a more dreamy, old-time-western feel.  I actually prefer the subtle blur the higher ISO (and moving subject) created in this image.

This last image is my favorite!  I love the movement and depth the open doors and the path of light lend to the image.  So pretty!

Thank you Molly Kate and Nike for allowing me to capture your special bond!  This session was a dream come true!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Big Bend Beauty: Yucca Blossoms {Texas Macro Photography}{National State Park Photography}

While my main passion is portrait photography, I thoroughly enjoy creating beautiful images of the great outdoors with my 100 mm macro lens.  The 100 mm is a great portrait lens to be sure, but I especially love it for creating macro images of flowers, plants and other elements found in God's beautiful creation.

I spent 7 of the first 9 years of my life living in New Mexico with my family before moving to the Midwest the summer before third grade.  Once in Illinois, one of my school projects involved researching a state in the United States.  I chose to study New Mexico.  It is then that I learned that the yucca plant is their state flower.  Ever since then, whenever I see a yucca plant, I am reminded of my early childhood home.

Though I've been a Texas transplant going on 20 years now, when I saw these yucca plants on our recent drive through Big Bend, my heart was all aflutter.  I just knew I had to get out the macro lens and see what I could create.  The yucca may not be my favorite of all flowers, but this particular desert plant will always hold a special place in my heart.