Friday, December 4, 2009

Josie and Abby: Best Friends/Models for a Day (St. John, IN Urban Photographer}

Josie is Layton's sister. My son Stephen worships the ground she walks on, and I'm pretty sure the feelings are mutual. Though there is a two year age difference, they get along famously when we visit and are best of buds. He can't go too long without his Josie (and other cousins) fix. Too bad their play dates require a 17 hour car drive.

Though I had photographed Josie all morning during their family photo session, it wasn't until we brought her neighborhood best friend Abby along that her true personality came through. These two darling young ladies were tickled pink to be decked out in my tutus. They hammed it up perfectly despite the cold temperatures - even surviving a wardrobe change in the back of the Tahoe. Old pros for sure.

Great Job, ladies! You both look smashing!

Now for a quick explanation on the Von Dutch t-shirt Abby is wearing: Though the brand is named after a skateboarding legend, I bought the label for an entirely different reason. I grew up in a very strong Dutch community in the Midwest (where this session took place, actually). Though I'm half Dutch and half German, the Dutch heritage in particular had a very strong influence in my life. I love the strong sense of community and hospitality. Love the food. Love the strong faith. Love the blonde hair and blue eyes. I love it all! The Von Dutch shirt was my way of bringing that heritage into the fashion shoot while keeping a fresh, urban flair.

Josie (and Abby too) thanks for putting up with your crazy Aunt Tammy today. You are beautiful inside and out!

I have to say. I think we were all on CLOUD NINE after this session. It was so much FUN!!!

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