Monday, February 15, 2010

Beautiful People Model Search Contest: Winers Announced!

Thank You! Thank You! To all of you who stopped in to vote for your favorite Beautiful People. The turn-out was amazing!

Here are the Winners in the Babies/Child category:

First Place: Cora Mae (45 Votes)

Second Place: Allyson Nicole (32 Votes)

Third Place: Leeson Siblings (18 Votes)

The Winners in the Family Category are as follows:

First Place: The Walenciak Family (45 Votes)

Second Place: The Yardley Family (22 Votes)

Third Place: The Delao Family (12 Votes)

Our two first place winners will receive a free mini session (valued at $75) and a $50 TLP gift card.

Our two second place winners and our two third place winners will all receive a $50 TLP gift card to be used anytime in 2010.

Congratulations, everyone!

If you were counting the votes in the comments section, you may have noticed that there were a few anonymous votes. Those were not included in our final tally. There were also a few votes left in the comments section of other posts. Those were counted. Though the anonymous votes were not included, it's good to know that they would not have affected the final outcome even if they had been.

I hope you all had as much fun with this contest as I have. I've truly enjoyed all the visitors to our blog these past few days and am so grateful to all of you for getting the word out! If you are a visitor and are interested in more information about our blog and studio, please email us. We'd love to hear form you and would be happy to add you to our email list to receive updates on upcoming events and special promotions.

Be sure to check back the first of March when we announce our March Madness Promotions and our 2010 Mini Session Schedule. Who knows, maybe next time you'll be the big winner.

Oh, and better yet...

Be sure to keep an eye out for the upcoming pictures of our Beautiful People Model Search Contest winners here on our blog and in the opening slideshow of our blog in the weeks to come. I for one can't wait!

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