Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Fabulous Four: Cora Mae's Siblings {Allen, TX Family Photographer}{Allen, TX Child Photographer}

Cora Mae's three siblings (Ross, Joel, and Anmarie) joined her for a sibling session to surprise their dad with pictures for Father's Day. I've been looking forward to photographing this family for quite some time now, so it was great fun to finally meet everyone.

It's okay...I know what you're thinking. No worries, the cat is already out of the bag. We haven't ruined the surprise. Tina decided to let her hubby help pick out the pictures. I have to say this was one of the best Father's Day gift ideas I've heard of in a long time.

When Tina and I were discussing wardrobe options before the session, I had suggested some fun hats. Tina quickly brushed the idea aside, saying, "No. I'm kinda partial to my kids hair." Now I know why! Don't you just love Ross and Anmarie's curly hair! Of course, Joel and Cora Mae's thick hair is to die for as well. Tina, I'm so glad we opted against the hats. Good call!

Well, you've waited long enough, Tina. Here's a little sneak peak to hold you over until I get the rest of your gallery up later this week. And pass along my thanks to Cora Mae, Ross, Joel, and Anmarie for such a great session. I enjoyed our afternoon together!

Happy early Father's Day, Michael!

If you think this was a great Father's Day gift idea, it's not too late to get in on the action. Schedule your session today to create your own pictures to give to your dad for Father's Day. Or, Dad's give me a call and schedule a session for your children to surprise your wives for Mother's Day. Who doesn't LOVE pictures?


  1. Tammy, those kids are adorable and you did an awesome job, I love everyone of them.


  2. Okay...this is many times during these pictures was I saying "are you guys listening to Ms. Tammy?" "Hey boys, settle down!" or "guys, pay attention"...most specifically I remember telling Joel to stop running around, and yet that is probably my favorite picture here because it so truley captured him!! Amazing!!

  3. Tina and Samantha, Thank you! Thank you!

    Tina, you said you wanted "action" shots. In my opinion, your children were perfectly behaved for such a session :)

    So much fun!


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