Friday, May 28, 2010

Luke and Eli {Allen, TX Family Photographer}{Allen, TX Photography}

Kimmi was the room mom for my daughter Alden's preschool class this year. She and Heather did an awesome job keeping the rest of us up to date and on our toes. Kimmi is super organized and definitely a servant at heart. I'm not sure I could do that job nearly as well as she did. In fact, I know I couldn't. Thanks for a great year, Kimmi!

Kimmi entered Eli in our Beautiful People Model search a couple months back. Now, he's about to celebrate his first birthday. Happy Birthday, little buddy! His older brother Luke is in Alden's class at school. They miss each other now that school is out for the summer.

During their family session I whispered to Kimmi to ask if the boys were allowed to have a sucker as a treat after the session (It was even organic!). I didn't want the boys to hear, because I know their family lives a pretty healthy lifestyle. Kimmi teaches Stroller Fit classes. I'm pretty healthy myself, so I've learned to always check with the mommy first before handing out snacks.

Turns out, our little one year old Eli has pretty healthy standards himself. Can you believe he only likes water? He's not a juice man. Never has been. And he doesn't like sugar either. Wow! Now, that's a mom's dream come true. Not having to battle over sugary snacks..I can't even imagine it.

Kimmi's husband is a pretty great guy himself. Several of us moms were over at their house for a planning meeting a while back and he was all about serving us ladies and helping us feel at home. I was really impressed.

All-in-all, this is just a pretty great family!

Thanks so much for coming out for a session! I'll have the rest of your gallery up in a couple days. Oh, and give sweet Eli a great big Birthday hug and a high five from me!

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