Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Vacation Part 1 (Dallas Arboretum}{Dallas Photography}

First of all, "Hello there!" It's good to be back!

To those of you who were faithful to check the blog regularly - even though I haven't posted anything new in what seems like months - I truly thank you! I'm so sorry to keep you waiting, but the time off was much needed and enjoyed. I'm looking forward to getting back to work.

What have I been up to?

Our family has had lots of fun traveling, spending time with grandparents, friends, and cousins, and simply enjoying the summer. Now that we are back home Stephen and Alden and I have settled into a little daily routine. It's been fun working on reading and math with Stephen, and handwriting with both of them each day.

I've got lots of pictures to share of our summer fun! So, I'll start with our hot and sweaty trip to the Arboretum which kicked off our summer activities almost a month ago. I hope you enjoy my attempts at getting a few new pictures of Stephen Jr. and Alden.

Yep, that's my Alden. She crosses her eyes like a true pro! She's our silly little monkey for sure.

I think maybe Stephen thinks he's too cool to pose for pictures. Truthfully, I haven't really figured him out yet - as far as taking pictures goes.

Let's just call this my "If at First You Don't Succeed...Try, Try Again!" photo session. Thankfully, my parents and our dear friends Shayema and Arbaaz were along. They were much more willing subjects than what you just saw.

I'm not exactly sure why my son and daughter continue to be so hesitant in front of the camera. To be fair, I've given them a pretty nice little break from the camera these past few months. Lately I've really been working harder to keep the pressure down - trust me. They just aren't into it. So, to those of you who have told me that I should put my children into modeling, I have serious doubts they fit the mold.

Arbaaz on the other hand personally asked me if I could take some pictures of him "for my website". Gotta love a willing subject! You'll see those in a bit.

I wasn't going to let my children off too easily, though. With a little patience, I was thrilled to capture a few great shots. I guess it's true: Persistence Pays Off!

The Arboretum has these cute deer statues. Of course, you aren't supposed to climb on them, but when I saw them playing and laughing on the deer I just knew I had the perfect opportunity to grab some cute portraits.

This bench under the trees near the DeGoyler house by the water feature and pool is one of my favorite spots for portraits at the Arboretum. The lighting is almost always stunning.

The three water walls is also a personal favorite. My parents love pictures, so we took their portraits at that location while Stephen, Alden, and Arbaaz played in the waterfalls nearby. (We had permission to do that, I promise.)

I try to do portraits for my parents whenever they are in town, so it was fun to continue the tradition. This time around they were in town for 10 days. We had a blast together. After their visit with us here in Texas, we all hopped in the Tahoe and drove 16 hours to Indiana to stay with them for a 17 day stay. What a wonderful time to spend creating memories!

Aren't my mom and dad a lovely couple? They are just as beautiful on the inside. Love you, Mom an Dad!

It was important for me that my parents meet my dear friend Shayema and her son Arbaaz during this visit. Our day together at the Arboretum was the perfect opportunity to get acquainted.

Shayema has such great love for Arbaaz. I love this picture of the two of them loving on each other.

Beautiful Lady!

Looking good, Arbaaz!

Great job on the pictures, Arbaaz. You're finally on my web page!

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