Monday, September 20, 2010

Baby Vivienne and Family {Allen, TX Photographer}

This is my second time to photograph Maya's family. This time around they are celebrating the arrival of their third child, another sweet little girl. Mikayla and Keira are now the proud big sisters of baby Vivienne. What a blessing to photograph this sweet family!

I never had a sister of my own, so watching the three of these precious girls interact with each other all day really tugged at my heart.

Why such a long post? In my opinion, to leave some of these images out would be like ripping a page or two out of a story book. So you're in for a treat. No Cliff Notes here. You get the whole book! And, I'm hoping, just like a good book on a rainy day, you won't want to "put the book down".

Meet precious Vivienne!

No longer the baby in the family, Keira is taking on the role of big sister like an old pro. She was especially tender with little Vivienne during our session - doing her best to calm her little sister when she was upset. You are a wonderful big sister, Keira, and a beautiful young lady.

Mikayla is in second grade but is already reading at a third grade level. I guess this is the difference between boys and girls, because it would take some serious work to get my son Stephen to sit still long enough to read a book to his sister.

Mikayla and Keira read together for well over 30 minutes while they waited for Vivenne to finish nursing. It was so sweet to see them cuddled up next to each other like that. What a great big sister these girls have!

Even Vivienne got in on the action for a short while.

There's just something magical about a family with all girls, don't you think?

While Vivienne rested and nursed, Mikayla and Keira and I took the opportunity to have some fun. I love these pictures of these two sisters. What a special bond they have with one another.

We actually took most of these family pictures at the beginning of our session to beat the heat, but I thought it would be nice to end the post with them instead.

What a beautiful family!

And lastly, something special just for Matt and Maya.


  1. beautiful pictures Tammy! these are precious of these three little girls!

  2. Maya, these are beautiful! What a great set of pictures. I Love, love, LOVE Tammy's work.


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