Saturday, November 13, 2010

Masha, Jairo, and Luca: Cliff Mautner Bootcamp Models {Dallas, TX Wedding Photography}

I had significantly less camera time with these next few models, but they have such a fun story I wanted to make sure I shared it with all of you. Masha Diduk and Luca Taormina are dating and both model professionally. Luca was unavailable for the first day of shooting, so his best friend, Jairo, filled in for the day.

Jairo made the two-hour drive not only to do his friend a favor, but also to get in on some modeling experience himself. He's just now starting to put himself out there in the modeling world and is in the process of building his own portfolio. Jairo was great to work with and had such a laid-back, natural personality. As for his 9-5 life, he's a recent graduate of Ramapo with a major in Law and Society. He's currently working at a personal security agency as an instructor. Brains and looks. Gotta love it!

Here's a few of Jairo and "Mashka" (which I found out is a cute little nickname her close friends like call her). Mine call me, Tam, but that's a little off-subject...

I love this last image of Masha as a horizontal in black and white. Just one of the benefits of shooting Raw. Conversions like this are great fun! It's almost like finding hidden treasure sometimes.

Masha is currently signed with three different modeling agencies and enjoys working fashion shows. She's signed with Wilhelmina in Philadelphia, and MMG and Emmanuel in New York City. Not bad, Masha! Not bad at all!

When I first met Masha, I was immediately intrigued by two things: her eyes and her accent. She sounded very much like a few of my friends from Russia. It turns out she is from Ukraine, Kiev. She and her family moved to the States when she was just six years old.

On a personal note, years ago I traveled to Russia on a mission trip with the youth group I led. Since then there's a special little place in my heart for people from that part of the world. A couple years after that trip one of those same youth group students traveled to the Ukraine on another mission trip. He returned several times and fell in love with the people there. I can see why!

Don't you just love Masha's exotic eyes and features. She's so lovely!

Luca showed up on day two of shooting and I was so excited to see his formal attire - something a little out of the ordinary with great colors to compliment his handsome features.

I litterally worked with Masha and Luca for all of three minutes at the prison yard, but am so grateful to have captured at least a couple shots of the two of them together.

Man, do they make a fine looking couple!

Masha met Luca while modeling for this year's New York Fashion Week. She tells me he's twenty-one, easy-going, and quite fun to work with. Anyone can see that just by looking at that terrific smile of his! I have to agree, he was a pleasure to work with and he has a wonderfully charming personality.

Luca and Masha are not the only "real-life" couples Cliff hired for our Bootcamp sessions. Later you will meet Sammy and Sarah, Lisa and Ryan, and Amber and Pete. I can tell you having professional models on hand who also had a real life connection really made a difference. Just one more thing I love about Cliff's Bootcamp experience.

All the best to the three of you!


  1. Stunning images, Tammy!!!

  2. lol they are not a couple.

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