Monday, March 28, 2011

Engaged: Stacie and Tim {Chicago Wedding Photographer}{Dallas Wedding Photographer}

Chicago is one of my absolute favorite cities in the states! While I was working on my Bachelor degree, I lived in the heart of downtown for several years. It's full of life, friendly people, wonderful food, amazing art, and beautiful architecture.

Since moving to Texas in 1997, I really miss Chicago and always look forward to going back home for a visit. You can bet a trek into downtown is always on the itinerary when we do.

A couple weekends ago I found myself heading into the city for a very special reason: Stacie and Tim's engagement session. Stacie is my cousin Bonnie's daughter. It was so much fun getting to know Stacie's fiance during their session. He's such a great guy!

(FYI: I love all my cousins, but any cousin that has taken the time to visit me in Texas has a very special place in my heart!)

I'm so proud of these two! Stacie is the sweetest girl you could ever meet, and she's a brilliant nurse. Tim is a business manager and aspiring paramedic who volunteers at a fire station. They will be married this July, and I'm just so excited to be shooting their wedding!!!

Congratulations, you two!

On to their engagement session...

If you've been following my blog, you'll recall that I love shooting in the bright sunlight. This day was NOT my day in that regard. Rarely did the sun peak out. It was a cold, dismal, dreary, cloudy, grey Chicago day.

At least love was in the air!

My favorite light of the day? Inside the coffee shop (where we stopped to warm up and thaw out).

And of course, it wouldn't be a Chicago session without a cool urban alley, now, would it? The silhouette was taken earlier in day. Love that shot!

Thanks for a great session, Stacie and Tim - especially for putting up with the cold. I can't wait for the wedding!

I also wanted to give a special shout-out to my wonderful husband, Steve, who came along to help out. As you can see below, he helped us take full advantage of the sun every time it did peak out (if only for a couple minutes). He even had some fun posing suggestions. See that ladder in the second picture at the top. He wanted Stacie and Tim to climb down there. (Crazy enough. That would have ROCKED!)

Here he is working the reflector:

Looking back, seeing as my husband is a native Texan (i.e. he does not handle the cold very well), and that he had just driven 14.5 hours straight from Texas to Indiana the day before; perhaps I should have just let him hang out at the Planetarium for the day (as he later suggested).

Maybe next time...

Sure do appreciate you, dear! You do great work!


  1. Nice job, reflectors are a pain in the windy city....believe me.


  2. LOL! You should have seen Tim and Steve trying to collapse the reflector in that wind!


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