Sunday, April 10, 2011

Autism Therapy Options: TOP Pediatric Occupational Therapy {TOP Pediatric Frisco, TX}{Special Needs Photography}

I've been working hard this week editing all the pictures from our Minis for Lizzie fund raiser event. Those are coming your way - just one family left to edit!

While you wait, here's one more sneak peak from my documentary project covering Lizzie's therapy treatments. This time around I met up with Lizzie in Frisco to observe her occupational therapy session with Betsy at TOP Pediatric.

Lizzie's therapist, Betsy, is also the owner. Her practice is located in Frisco, Texas. I recently discovered I know three families who attend occupational therapy with Betsy. Small World! She is incredible!

If you live in the Frisco area, and know someone who would benefit from occupational thearpy through Betsy's program, visit the link above and contact Betsy today. Lizzie has made great progress through their program.

What a thrill it was for me to witness first hand the help that is available to Lizzie and the progress she is making. What looks like a fun-zone for active children is actually a carefully designed facility that strategically helps children with special needs overcome various sensory and social issues. They work on everything from coordination and rhythm to sensory issues related to food and diet. I was so amazed! TOP Pediatric is helping to equip Lizzie with the skills she needs to live a self-sufficient and productive life.

It is places like TOP Pediatric that are a Godsend to families who have children with special needs. With their help, these families are seeing remarkable progress. Take a look for yourself at the hard work Lizzie does in therapy every week!

Keep in mind that these activities are often very difficult for these children. What seems like play to us is very, very hard work for children with special needs. Please take time to pray for these children. They face so many obstacles - as do their families, but they are so strong! Pray for the breakthrough they deserve, and pray for the therapists who faithfully serve them.

Keep up the great work, Lizzie. I'm so proud of you!

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