Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Interview with Lizzie {National Autism Association of North Texas}{Dallas, TX Special Needs Photographer}

Coming up on tomorrow's blog: Pictures of Lizzie and her BFF enjoying a fun day at Sweet and Sassy (a little girl's salon and dress-up place).

But first, today I have a special treat planned. Sit back and enjoy a little interview Lizzie's mom and I put together. I hope this opens your eyes to just how normal children who are affected by autism really are. Yes, they face struggles that the rest of us do not have to deal with on a daily basis. Yes, they sometimes act differently. But, underneath it all they are precious children who love to learn, play, and spend time with their loved us - just like the rest of us.

Interview with Lizzie

How old are you?

I am 8.

What is your favorite thing to play?

I love to play hotel.

Where do you want to go on vacation?

The beach.

Who is your best friend?

Natalie Wright

What do you like to play with Natalie Wright?

I love to play hotel, Barbies, dollhouse, and toys.

What is hard for you to do?

To pay attention.

What bothers you?

Ummm….when Andrew (her brother) said to me, “na! na! na! na!”

What makes you special?

I have new friends.

What makes you happiest?

When someone gives me a hug.

Questions Lizzie wanted me to ask her…

What is your favorite animal? Why?

A bunny because it is so sweet on Easter.

What is your favorite food?

I love chicken nuggets.

. . . . . . .

Lizzie, thank you so much for opening your life to us these past couple months. And, thanks for putting this together, Julie!

Oh, and Lizzie, if you come to my house within the next couple days, I'll show you our burrow full of bunnies in our back yard. Unfortunately, we have no chicken nuggets!

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