Thursday, April 14, 2011

Minis for Lizzie: Jackson and Allison {Allen, TX Photographer}

Allison and Jackson showed up to our Minis for Lizzie event full of energy! I knew I was in for a fun session - and a little exercise!

Jackson, like Lizzie, has a form of autism, so I reserved a little extra time for their session so we could get to know each other first. Thinking Jackson would be interested in knowing how my camera worked, I showed him my lens and the screen on the back of the camera. Very quickly I realized that he and his sister would much rather explore the beautiful grounds and climb the rocks along the waterfall and creek than stop to make small-talk with me. What child wouldn't!

So, I followed suit. I let the dynamic duo play and followed them around looking for fun candid moments to document their special brother-sister time in their brand new "playground".

Of course, I sneaked in a few "posed" shots here and there. But, "Shhhh," don't tell Jackson and Allison. That's my little secret...

Meet Allison and Jackson:

I love this last one of Jackson!


  1. LOVE these! You just made a fan!!

  2. Thank you SO much, Jen! This was a fun session for sure! I'm always thrilled to have more facebook fans!


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