Monday, January 23, 2012

Styling Clients | Designer Spotlight: Little Bird Boutique..featuring Alden {Rockwall, TX Photographer}

In the past few years I've developed a love for bright colors, interesting textures, and unique works of art. My husband blames my new "style" on Photography. I say photography has only served to draw out of me that which was already there - just waiting to be discovered.

Photography has opened my eyes to what I love and to what energizes me.

Helping my clients cast a vision for their sessions has also served to stir my creative juices. From selecting the location to helping them put together a theme that enhances our vision, my "job" has allowed me to showcase the creative side of my personality.

When planning sessions, I am often asked by my clients to offer wardrobe suggestions. This conversation usually takes place over the phone and is followed up with an email - complete with a color wheel and a list of tips that will help them put together a unique look for their session.

It is not uncommon for clients to email me pictures of their various clothing options requesting my feedback. I've even had clients stop by the office with their clothing in hand in hopes that I can help them put a fresh new look together for them with what they already own.

I enjoy styling my clients!

When clients are looking for something new and distinctive to wear, I find it helpful to be able to recommend a local store or a specific line of clothing that fits well with our vision for their session and with their individuality. I especially love to refer my clients to other local artisans and businesses.

I'm all about supporting the arts and our local economy!

Little Bird Boutique is an adorable clothing line designed and hand-crafted by a local mother-daughter team here in Allen. They specialize in little girl's skirts, holiday outfits, hair bows, and accessories.

The fabrics these ladies find are right up my alley - colorful and unique with a vintage feel - and durable to boot.

Having a background in sewing myself (Yes, I can sew!), I recognize quality when I see it. These clothes are very well made. All seams are serged and reinforced. The fabrics are easy to maintain (as long as you don't mind a little ironing) and have not faded - even after several washes.

My daughter Alden is a girly-girl whose fashion sense is already very much established. She knows exactly what she likes...and what she doesn't. She owns two Little Bird Boutique skirts and several of their hair accessories. She loves them!

Alden dresses herself almost every day, and these skirts are among her favorites. When the Little Bird Boutique skirts passed her scrutiny, I knew I had found a vendor worth introducing to my clients with little girls.

What better way to do that than with a few beautiful images! Take a look at these catalog-inspired shots of Alden taken recently down at the harbor. The two skirts and all of the hair accessories (except the pink head band) were purchased from Little Bird Boutique.

Just looking at these pictures makes me HAPPY!

I still can't believe it is January. The weather was so beautiful! Sunsets on the water make me wish I could make time stand still - especially when spent with two very special ladies (my daughter and my sweet friend, Samantha).

These patterned skirts lend themselves perfectly to a more eclectic look. With a simple change of accessories, Alden and I can create several fun looks from the same skirt.

It's like paper-dolls...only better.

For the two looks pictured above we relied on Crewcuts and Matilda Jane to complete the outfits.

Alden's blue floral skirt is paired with a sparkly pink heart tee from Crewcuts purchased at the J Crew Outlet here in Allen. This adorable (and very current) yellow and grey vintage floral skirt is perfect coupled with an embellished tee from another one of our favorite little girl vendors, Matilda Jane.

On a personal note...

Looking at these pictures, I'm filled with awe that God would choose to bless my husband and I with such a spirited and beautiful young lady.

I'm one happy mamma!

If you have your own girly-girl (or girly-granddaughter or girly-neice) and would like to grab a few of these skirts and accessories for yourself, you can visit Little Bird Boutique on Facebook HERE. While you're there, be sure to "LIKE" their page.

And be sure to "LIKE" the Tammy Labuda Photography fanpage while you're at it - if you have not already done so.

It's all about spreading the love, people!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

And speaking of Matilda Jane, I'll be hosting a trunk show on Sunday April 1, 2012. (They have a women's line too, ladies!) Shoot me an email if you'd like to be included in the Evite.

My friend Kelly Dixon of Rock-n-Mom Custom Jewelry & Creations will also have a booth set up during the trunk show. Check her out on facebook.

Should be a great day!

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