Friday, September 7, 2012

A Special Family: Matt, Wendy and the Boys {California Family Photographer}{Allen, TX Family Photographer}

This summer I was blessed by my dear friend Wendy with an invitation to attend a Creative Weekend with four other women up at her lake house in Clearlake, CA.  It was a remarkable weekend - one that deserves a post of its own (which is on the to-do list).

But, first I wanted to introduce you to Wendy's family.

Matt and Wendy used to live in Texas and were members of our Sunday School class.  It was a time when all of us were either starting our families or planning the start of our families.  Though Steve and I did not have children at the time, everything went as planned for us when that time rolled around.  We were pregnant with Stephen within the second month of trying.  Later, when it was time to add a sibling, we were pregnant within the very first month.

Things did not go as smoothly for Matt and Wendy.

Many years passed before God blessed them with a child.  It was a difficult and painful time!  The doctors had told them it simply wasn't going to happen.  Yet, instead of turning to despair, they turned to prayer.  They placed their whole-hearted trust in God Almighty. 

It wasn't supposed to happen.  But, it did!  God answered their prayers!  He gave them a son - THREE to be exact.

Caleb means "whole-hearted".
Brody means "second son".
Asher means "fortunate, blessed, happy one".

Matt and Wendy were not expecting their road to starting a family to be so long and painful.  Yet, through their journey, they learned to trust and rely on their heavenly Father.  Their faith in Jesus Christ was strengthened.  Their commitment to each other deepened.  They embraced the fact that God has a plan and a purpose - even for the most painful moments in our life.

So, when I look at these pictures and spend time with their family, I'm reminded that the God I serve is a miracle worker who loves to bless his children with more than they could possibly ever imagine.

Just look at Matt and Wendy's THREE little miracles running around!

There's so much love in this family!

Several times during our Creative Week together - when Matt would stop by - Wendy would gush unabashedly to us about how handsome her husband was.  She was not bragging.  She was simply a woman hopelessly devoted and in love with her man.  It was truly inspiring!  I returned home better equipped to love on my own man - and my own family - having witnessed theirs.

I rarely post this many pictures from one session.  This time, I could not help myself!  I think everyone needs to see what is possible - the LOVE that can exist between a husband and a wife - between a parent and a child - and between a God and his children.

It's genuine and real!

Take a look:



They say, home is "where the heart is".  Matt and Wendy have certainly filled their home with lots of heart.  Sure, it is beautiful on the outside, but it is special because of the love they fill it up with.  Whether they are at home in Southern California, or up at the lake house a few hours away, they are faithful to the calling God has laid on their hearts.  I'm so honored to know this sweet family and to witness their commitment to raising up their boys to love the Lord and to serving each other as Christ served us.

I love the story God is writing for this family.  It's amazing!

I can't wait to share with you more about my weekend with the girls.  For now, I hope you enjoyed getting to know this sweet, sweet family! 

I close with A BIG thank you to Matt for watching the boys all week so us girls could relax and create!

And a big thank you to my husband, Steve, for doing the same.  LOVE you!


  1. I love the one of them in the driveway with Matt and Wendy behind. And I remember watching you take the one under the shirt, so I loved seeing the finished product. Thanks for sharing! Beautiful, as always. You're so talented and I count it a privilege to know you.

  2. Thanks, Jenni! I feel the same about you. Can't wait to see your photographs from this coming year's adventure!

  3. Oh I'm so blessed by you! And by this gift! I'm sorry I hadn't communicated this past week. We are still settling I'n our new home (trying desperately to fill it with love amidst the chaos of moving a family) and wrapping up week 2 of homeschooling. I love all the pictures you shared. They couldn't be more special. I'll give you a shout I'n a bit. So so wonderful.

  4. No worries, Wendy. I figured as much. Your job right now is to do what you need to do to get settled, move in, and teach those wonderful boys of yours. Keep posting your recess pics on FB. Love seeing them!


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