Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fabulous at 50 {Dallas, TX Headshot Photographer}{Dallas Modern Woman Photographer}

I first met Kim at the Dallas Hilton Anatole Hotel during this summer's J.Hilburn national convention.  My friend Signy, a local J.Hilburn personal stylist, helped me organize a head shot event for several of the stylists attending the convention.

I was in the lobby working with Kim's conference room mate, Pearl, when she stopped by, cheeks flushed pink from her morning run, to say hello.  We ended up roping her into holding a reflector for me while I finished up Pearl's session.  As she left, I encouraged her to stop by for her own head shots later that morning.  Something about her intrigued me, and I just had this gut feeling that she'd be a lot of fun to photograph.

I was right!

Kim is far removed from her twenties, but she has a youthful energy about her that caught my attention right from the start.  I remember thinking, "Good for her!  Here she is on vacation, yet she still finds time to fit in a work out."  I wondered if  I would be that disciplined when I reach my 50s.  

When she returned later that morning for her own head shots, I was so excited to have the chance to photograph such a stylish lady.  She made 50 look beyond fabulous!

In all honesty, of all the beautiful women I photographed during my two day head shot event, Kim was by far the most comfortable in front of the camera - the most confident and at ease.  She not only came in with self assurance, she came in with an agenda to be herself and to have fun.  Though we were strangers, she seemed to have complete trust in my ability to capture the essence of her free spirit in my images. 

I'm so glad she did and I'm so happy to share her images with you! 

At a time of year when many photographers are focusing on celebrating high school seniors, I'm honored to be celebrating this fine young woman looking fabulous in her 50s.  Moms and Grandmother's, I love it when you bring me your high school seniors.  But, let's not forget about you!

YOU are worth celebrating as well!

I encourage you to give yourself the gift of a portrait session designed especially to celebrate what makes you uniquely you.  Each woman has a story to tell.  Each woman has an inner beauty that deserves to be brought to light.  Young or not so young, there's no time like today to celebrate you!

Give me a call.  Let's book your own modern woman session today.  I can't wait to create something beautiful for YOU!!!

Thanks for trusting me to create these images for you, Kim!  Best wishes to you in the future!

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