Thursday, September 14, 2017

Margo: Class of 2017 {Senior Photography McKinney, TX}{Senior Portraits Allen, TX}{DFW Senior Portraits}{Sorrority Recruitment Portraits}

Margo has a special place in our family's heart!  She grew up in the home behind ours and has babysat for our children on occasion.  I've even brought her along as an assistant on a few of my photo shoots over the years.  She's simply lovely inside and out!  Needless to say, I was thrilled Kalen hired me to take Margo's senior portraits.

We decided on downtown McKinney for a fun fashion inspired photo shoot.  I have two options for Senior portraits.  The first is a 90 minute session, one location, 3 wardrobe changes option.  The second is a 3-4 hour session, two location, 5 or more wardrobe changes option.  Kalen and Margo chose the first.  Downtown McKinney is perfect for these shorter senior sessions.  There are multiple settings and endless creative opportunities available in this one quaint location.  As you'll see in Margo's session preview below, Margo has plenty of variety and images to choose from.

I know Margo's going to love these (as will her parents).  They will have a difficult time settling on which images to submit to sororities.  If she wanted to, Margo could just as easily be sending these in to modeling agencies.  She's that stunning!  A classic, timeless beauty who understands the virtue of modesty and being true to one's self.  My assistant that day thought she looked like a young Helen Hunt.

I'm excited to see where your future brings you, Margo!  May God bless you in your future studies and life adventures!  We love you!


It's always fun to see moms with their children during a senior shoot.  They are usually laden down with extra clothes and are busy watching out for hair and wardrobe needs - making sure everything is perfect.  They are also usually fighting back tears (finding it hard to believe their baby has grown up so fast) and overflowing with pride and joy.  I realize (and deeply appreciate) that senior pictures have become a "right of passage" of sorts.  It's such a honor to be a part of this special time in my client's lives!

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