Friday, October 16, 2009

Guess the Location Answer {The Cotton Mill in McKenney, TX}

Did you guess right? Forget to leave your answer in the comments section? Perhaps next time I'll have to offer up some actual prizes. I have a few ideas in mind, so keep your eye out for the next "pop quiz". It may or may not be another "Guess the Location". It may be a photo contest or even a photography trivia question. We'll see...

I admit that my previous post did not do the space proper justice. In my defense, it was my intent to throw you off. Posting the following picture would have made the game a little too easy for you.

Perhaps now that you see the image below, you can better understand why I absolutely adore the Cotton Mill. From hosting portrait sessions, commercial advertising and catalog shoots, event and wedding receptions, and even music video productions, The Cotton Mill in McKinney is full of creative potential. It's a blank canvas waiting for each artist to come along and leave their own individual and creative mark.

Location fees are $50/hour with a minimum 2 hour rental time required. If you are a photographer, I highly recommend scheduling the photographer's tour with Darla before scheduling your first session. She knows the property inside and out and is gracious enough to point out all the best spots for your type of photography. (Thanks, Darla, for our tour. Margaret and I really appreciate your time.) You can reach Darla at 972.838.7558 to schedule your tour or book your session.

I'll leave you with a more traditional - "Ah, now that's better. Now I can imagine why you'd rent this space for a bridal session." - image.

I can't wait to shoot here!

Up Next: A Boy, A Ferry, and his Bob...

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