Monday, January 18, 2010

Baby Evan: 6 Months Old {Frisco, TX Baby Photographer}(Macro Lens}

Our friends Marla and Catalin had their first chid this summer. Their son Evan was born one month early and spent several weeks in the NICU. Here he is right after he came home from the hospital:

I'm happy to report that now Evan is 6 months old - healthy, happy, and well. God is good! Evan's mommy Marla raves about how well behaved he is, and after spending the morning with the two of them I have to whole-heartedly agree. Not only is Evan one of the most adorable little guys, he has to be one of the best-natured babies I know. He's just so easy going and joyful. He was such a good sport for his photo session.

I just love this outfit Evan is wearing - and for good reason. It was my son Stephen's. I've held on to a few of my children's baby clothes to use as photography props. I'm not even sure Stephen ever wore this particular outfit more than once. Babies just grow so fast, don't they? In any case, it's nice to see this little button-down getting a second go-around. And doesn't Evan wear it well!

Evan's sparkly blue eyes are just like his mommy's. For now. Daddy is hoping Evan's eyes will change color to match his brown eyes. Only time will tell. It could happen. Our Alden had blue eyes until she was 6 months old. Now, she's our little brown-eyed girl. Either way, Evan, you are sure to be as handsome as ever.

Pictures don't lie!

BTW, I learned an interesting fact during this session. Baby Evan's daddy, Catalin, was born in Romania. Did you know Romanians never photograph babies in the nude? Never. Our country, on the other hand, seems to think the less clothes the better. Cute naked baby pictures can be found hanging on almost every American's wall. Funny how two cultures can be so different, isn't it?

We're hoping to get Daddy in for a few family shots soon. Keep your eyes out for more of baby Evan and his beautiful family.

Think Macro Lenses are just for taking pictures of flowers and bugs? Think again. All of Evan's recent pictures were taken with my new macro lens. I'm LOVING it!

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