Saturday, February 20, 2010

Children LOVE Cafe Brazil: More Learning to See Creatively Homework {Cafe Brazil, Plano, TX}

So.....yesterday I got a Facebook message from the Cafe Brazil fan page. Apparently they did a little google search on their restaurant name and came across my post from yesterday. All I said about their restaurant was that I had taken this week's Monday Mystery Photo at their restaurant. That's it. I was flabbergasted when they posted a link to my blog on their fan page. THAT IS TOTALLY COOL! I was more excited when I discovered that they have over 4,000 facebook fans.

Now I'm feeling my brief mention of their restaurant deserves a further shout out from me. I thought you should all know why OUR family LOVES Cafe Brazil so much!

First of all, as a creative person, I always love seeing artwork from local artists on display on their walls. (Not many people know this, but it's been a secret ambition of mine to get my own work up there some day. Maybe some day...) I love the bright colors and the fun atmosphere in their restaurant. It's cheerful without being overdone. Even the waiters and waitresses have this amazing creative energy about them. I especially love the available light in the Plano, TX location near Central Market. Perhaps that's why I found myself clicking the shutter button on my camera so much that day. I just kept seeing this fantastic light. Even though I wasn't focussing or framing the shots, these Coca-Cola pics below are some of my personal favorites.

Second, we love Cafe Brazil because of their awesome menu. There is literally something for everyone - no matter what you're craving. Everything my husband, children and I have tried has been fantastic. AND, they give you huge portions - which is perfect for my husband. I especially like that they have healthy options. In fact, the last time we met my husband there for lunch on his break I was in the middle of a 30 day Elimination Diet. The waitress patiently worked with me to find something on their menu I could eat. It was awesome! Gotta love Salmon.

Third, my husband and I love Cafe Brazil because our children love Cafe Brazil. The atmosphere is just right for our little ones. It's not too casual where the adults end up feeling like they are in a fast food chain. Yet, it's not so formal that we feel uncomfortable if our little ones start to act up. Stephen and Alden especially like that they can order breakfast any time of the day. On the plus side, since the portions are so huge, we as parents can even save money and let them split a plate.

Need more evidence? Check out these pictures from over a year ago - all taken the same day as my gum-ball machine picture I posted yesterday. Stephen (4) is enjoying his pigs in a blanket. Alden (2) is finding "other" ways to entertain herself while the rest of us enjoy a yummy meal and some quality family time together. Happy Children = Happy Parents. Cafe Brazil gets the job done every time!

Lunches with Daddy have never been better!

Now, if we could just get daddy to drive in to work and not work from home. I'm thinking another lunch date with Daddy at Cafe Brazil is LONG overdue!


  1. I think if we ever need a food photographer, we are calling you. You are so talented! Plus it helps when you have really cute kids to shoot... We are dedicated to using social media platforms to communicate with our customers. It provides us invaluable feedback to keep us on our toes and make our restaurant better! And, every now and again, we stumble upon something super cool- like your post! By the way, if you are interested in letting us show your work you can contact the GM of a store, bring in your art to show them, if it is approved then you would sign our Artist Agreement which will lay out payment and how long it will be displayed. We do take a 10% consignment fee. We have ten locations, so pick your favorite and give it a go! Good luck!

    PS: We offer KIDS EAT FREE every Sun-Thurs, 5-10PM
    PSS: We have FREE FOOD FOR FANS almost every Tuesday for Facebook Fans. Join our page to get details!

  2. I will have to find some art then and contact your GM. And, yes, I'd love to be your food photographer if the opportunity arises.

    Thanks for the tips on the free meals. I've already signed up for your facebook fanpage. Good to know!

    Thanks for this fun experience!


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