Sunday, February 21, 2010

Monday Mystery Photo 3: How Did I Do That?

Today's Monday Mystery Photo Challenge is a bit different than our first two. This time I want you to guess How Did I Do That? Think you know your photography? It's time to show what you know.

This sunset shot was created at f/2.8 at ISO 200. Can you guess the shutter speed? Could there be any other tricks needed to capture this shot? You tell me.

Leave your answer in the Comments section of this blog post.

Are you up for an extra challenge. Go out there and recreate your own version of this shot and email it to me at

Have yourself a happy Monday, everyone!

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  1. So I think it needs to be a slow shutter speed to create the blur, and the only other thing I have learned is that if you go below 60 it should be on a tripod to prevent blur. So somewhere from 60 below. Am I close?


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