Thursday, March 25, 2010

Flowers, Ice-Cream, and Mommy & Me Time {Paciugo}{Matilda Jane}{Allen, TX Child Photographer}

Last year I hosted a Matilda Jane trunk show and purchased this adorable outfit for my daughter Alden. Sadly, the pink polka dot leggings have been hanging in her closet for months now - just waiting for her to grow into them. Until now. They finally fit!

Time to take this outfit out for a spin!

Alden is all about dressing up these days. She actually gets her feelings hurt if I try to dress her in jeans. So, I decided to get her all dolled up (in her new outfit, of course) for a fun mother-daughter outing. We window shopped, treated ourselves to Paciugo, and even took a few pictures.

Apparently, there's nothing quite like Italian sorbet to bring out those genuine heart-felt smiles. Yeah for me! I've been getting nothing but "Cheese" smiles from Alden for close to a year now. So, I feel like I won the lottery today with these sweet pictures of my sweet little girl.

Alden turns 3 1/2 years old in a few short weeks. This day was all about documenting this special age and spending some quality time together - just us girls. It's so surreal to watch my baby girl blossom into a little young lady. It's happening all too fast. I love knowing, though, that THIS DAY can be revisited for years to come.

I love you, Aldi Bear!

This next picture is my favorite!

And to be fair, here's Alden's favorite as well!


  1. Oh, how I've missed her sweet smile (& yours, too!)! Maybe we can get together after Easter some time. And by the way, that outfit is ADORABLE!

  2. GOR.GEOUS! I can't believe she is getting SO BIG! I'll be writing you back ya

  3. Precious!!

  4. These are so beautiful Tammy! What great memories these will bring. I love how the ice cream shop coordinates with what Alden is wearing! :) I feel you...these little girls are growing up too fast. We are so lucky to have the job we do for that though! My fave is your fave, but she is beautiful in each and every one!


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