Saturday, March 6, 2010

Abigail: 2 Weeks (Plano, TX Newborn Photographer}

Meet sweet Abigail, Dusty and Debra's third child. She is welcomed by her big brothers Timothy and Samuel. And, from what Debra tells me, they are already big-time helpers to their mommy. What a great family!

Debra brought along a very special prop for Abigail's session. 20 years ago, Debra's grandmother began knitting a baby blanket as a gift for Debra's niece. Sadly, her grandmother passed away before she could finish her labor of love, so a family friend lovingly took on the project and finished where Debra's grandmother had left off. She began by sewing a heart shape button on the blanket to mark the spot where Debra's grandmother's work had ended and where her own began. If you look closely in this first image, you will see the heart just to the right of Abigail's ear.

Years later, the blanket was presented to Debra at her baby shower for her firstborn, Timothy. Not surprisingly the blanket is very sentimental to Debra. I was thrilled to incorporate this special heirloom into Abigail's newborn session. It even tied in perfectly with the antique themed session I had in mind.

I saw this baby scale at an antique shop in downtown Plano about a year ago. I did not purchase it at the time, but always had it in the back of my mind that it would make a perfect newborn prop. This past week I took a chance that it might still be there...and it was! It ended up being the perfect addition to Abigail's session.

Abigail's blanket is not the only handmade item used in this session. The blanket that provides a little padding on top of the scale was knitted by my extremely talented sister-in-law, Ruth, and was given to me after the birth of our first child, Stephen. The tiny quilted cover we laid on top of that blanket was quilted by yours truly for my daughter before she was born. (Alden now uses it to swaddle her baby dolls when she plays.) I love how everything tied together so perfectly - especially the sweet hair bow in Abigail's hair (Thanks bunches for the loan, Kelly!).

Congratulations, Debra, Dusty, Timothy, and Samuel. You've been blessed with such a precious gift in sweet Abigail. I'll leave you with a few of my favorite black and white images. Be on the look out for your client gallery on my website later this week.


  1. great session--love the rose antique look!

  2. I love the scale. To bad I won't be having anymore babies, I love this look!


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