Monday, March 1, 2010

Allyson: TLP Beautiful People Contest Winner

Allyson's mom entered our Beautiful People Model Search Contest earlier this month and was one of our winners. This past Saturday I met up with them in downtown McKinney for Allyson's photo session. I had a great time getting to know Allyson and catching up with her parents.

Allyson's mom and Dad and I go way back - back to my very first days as a Texan. John and Sarah were members of the church I worked at when I moved to Texas in 1997. We became great friends but lost touch when I got married and moved to another town. It's hard to believe Allyson wasn't even born yet the last time we all saw each other. So, you can imagine how excited I was for their session.

And what a great day it was! Not only did we get some great pictures, but after the session our families all went out to dinner together. (We highly recommend Spoons on the square in downtown McKinney.) It doesn't get any better than reconnecting with old friends and meeting each other's children for the first time. And what a terrific feeling to know you can pick up right where you left off.

I'm so thrilled you entered the contest, Sarah! For so many reasons.

Now (because I know Sarah can't wait any longer), let's get to Allyson's pictures.

Allyson is a little on the shy side, but oh so sweet. I found out she's just a little afraid of heights. (You let me know when you're ready for some pictures on top of that building, Allyson. I'll be waiting.) All-in-all, she did a great job!

Take a look at this beautiful 8 year old young lady!

John and Sarah clean up pretty well, too, don't you think? Sarah doesn't look a day older than the day I last saw her. Amazing!

I include these next pictures along with a little personal history. John and Sarah were with me the day I met my husband Steve. Our sunday school class was out dancing at Cowboy's Red River that night. Those were fun times! It's good to see you still have all the right moves, y'all!

I soon found out that Allyson's daddy held the key to Allyson's heart (notice that big huge smile). All he had to do was act a little silly and she opened up like a beautiful flower.

I love it when families are affectionate with one another - especially when it comes from the heart. This family is so special. Allyson, you are one very blessed little girl!

So glad we got to catch up, Sarah, John, and Allyson. Let's get together again real soon!


  1. AMAZING...this has captured them perfectly Tammy. You did such a great job hun...thanks for sharing their faces through these pics...great and awesome Job!!!

  2. Precious. You did a great job, Tammy! Of course, I am partial to the subjects. Love you!


  3. Awesome pictures! Allyson looks fabulous! I like the pictures of the family too, you did a fantastic job.



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