Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Alden's Preschool Class Easter Pictures {Allen, TX Child Photographer}

My daughter Alden LOVES preschool. She wakes up almost every day and asks, "Do I get to go to school today?" It makes a mom feel good when their children are happy and enthusiastic about their day.

Alden's teachers Miss Cammie and Miss Shelly are a big part of why she loves it there so much! Here are the other 11 reasons Alden looks forward to going to school and gets excited every time we drive past "mine school".

But, first, let me just tell you a little about this session. The children were celebrating their Easter party that day and came all dressed up for a few special Easter pictures earlier that morning. We all trekked outside, even though the wind was just a tad too blustery, the sun a little too bright (notice the squinty eyes), and the shady spots a little too hard to control. It made for an interesting photo session for sure. But, these little ones made every minute worth it!

I'm so glad we have all Alden's friends here in one place, so she can remember for years to come all the smiles that helped to make her days at school so much fun. It really is amazing how well all these children get along.

First, my Aldi Bear! Doesn't she look HAPPY?

Now for her precious little friends. Ladies first, then the boys...










and Adam:

And, last but not least. Sweet Grace - who was off on vacation in Florida playing on the beach (Lucky her!). Fortunately, I had a session with her last November, so we can include a picture of her as well. It wouldn't be the same without her!

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