Thursday, April 22, 2010

Matthew and Brandon: 7 Months (Allen, TX Photography}

Matthew and Brandon are my neighbor Agnes' twin boys. Her daughter, Claudia, goes to school with my son Stephen, so we've gotten to know each other fairly well throughout the school year. I'm very blessed to have such wonderful neighbors.

We've been waiting to do this session until the twins were able to sit up by themselves. But, not wanting to miss their "baby-face" stage, we finally decided to just go ahead with the session. To be fair, Brandon sat up for the first time by himself a couple days ago. Matthew is almost there - but not quite, so we've decided to finish up their sibling session with their sister Claudia in a few weeks when the two of them are a little more stable. Just wait until you see how much Claudia and Brandon look alike. It's crazy!

Thanks for coming out with your adorable boys, Agnes. And, a very special thanks to my new friend Samantha who came along on this session as part of our mentoring program. Your chair was the perfect prop! Thanks so much for letting me borrow it. I can't wait to see where your business takes you in the next few years, Samantha. You already have such a great eye!

And now for the twins.

Meet Brandon (and his first two teeth!):

And Matthew:

I knew the boys were not sitting up by themselves yet, so it was quite the challenge to find a "container" big enough to hold the both of them. Agnes laughed at my first attempt - a double basket. It wasn't nearly big enough. I hadn't realized how big these boys had gotten in such a short time. This wash-basin was the perfect size for these healthy baby boys. All that's missing is a bunch of soap suds and a big old soppy dog. Now, that would be something...

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  1. So very sweet Tammy! These are great pics. 2 is always better than one!


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