Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Marcus and the bluebonnet {Allen, TX Photographer}

I first met Marcus several months (and a few less teeth) ago. I enjoyed him then, and I enjoyed him today in the bluebonnets as well. We were there to take some family pictures, but mostly he and I just had a great time playing together. I know quite a few happy children, but this little man takes the cake. He is a true delight!

I had a "first" on this session that I just have to tell you about it. Marcus and I were playing games when I realized I had left my camera bag down the hill a ways. I turned to fetch my gear and Marcus started crying. Yes, the sweet boy actually cried because I stopped taking pictures of him! He was sad that I had stopped playing games with him. My heart swelled. "He likes me. He really likes me," I thought to myself. Aw...

I like you too, buddy! So...I'm dedicating this post just to YOU!

After my session with Marcus I decided to take my time walking back to my car and just enjoy the beautiful evening. That's when I came across this little ladybug. It's been a while since I've taken pictures "just for me". I have to say I enjoyed the lady bug almost as much as I enjoyed Marcus and his family...almost.

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  1. Love the red with the blue bonnets! Beautifully stricking! great work! He is adorable!


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