Monday, August 16, 2010

Susan's Family {Allen, TX Photographer}

I met Susan at my daughter's preschool where she serves as the Assistant Director. She is such a blessing to our school, and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph her family this past week. Her oldest, Will, is off to college in a week or so, and she was bound and determined to have some family pictures completed before he left the nest. Nothing - not even 106 degree weather - was going to stand in her way. I'm so glad they all toughed it out and am super pleased with our results.

I love this family portrait below. Typically I aim to shoot in open shade, but we loved this door and were determined to make it work. Some say you should avoid full-on, harsh light for portraits. I disagree. By paying close attention to where shadows fall and positioning each person so that their shadows aren't falling on the person next to them, the results can be amazing. The lighting can be wonderfully warm and energetic.

It doesn't hurt that this family is so good-looking either!

This may very well be the last "brothers" portrait for awhile. At least until one of these fine young men get hitched, anyway. (Sorry, to say, Susan. This day is coming...)

Will is the oldest. He's off to North Carolina this fall to begin his first year of college. Have fun, Will, but whatever you do, make sure to study!

I love middle born children. I really do. They're all so calm, cool, and collected. Grant was the baby of the family for a good four years before Heath came along. He's a cool kid! I have to say Grant's got the serious, model look down pat. It's always fun to photograph someone who's comfortable in front of the camera.

Heath is the new baby of the family and is such a sweet boy. I can tell he's super good to his mother and treats her well. I love his smile! In fact, I never had to tell him to "smile with your eyes". It just came naturally to him.

Sibling pictures are always a ton of fun. These boys were up for anything - although by the end of the session the heat was getting a bit much to bear. Thank goodness a girls' volleyball team showed up on location in their short shorts. That bought me another 5 minutes or so of easy smiles for sure!

Can't tell these were taken in 100 degree plus weather? Let's just say there's nothing a few minutes in Photoshop can't help. Sweat drops? What sweat?

Enjoy this upcoming year of new adventures and many thanks for coming out for a session! Your client gallery is up and running.

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