Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hanna's Photo Party: Brandon {Plano, TX Senior Photography}{Allen, TX Senior Photography}

While Margaret was working with the Hanna, Maria, Sara, and Maria, Brandon and I had our session one level lower in the parking garage. He is a student at UT Arlington and had limited time with us that night, so we got to work right away.

I'm LOVING his pictures! In my opinion these would be great artwork for a Rock album - or head shots for a modeling portfolio. I'm especially proud of that awesome, natural smile I got out of him!

Don't forget to VOTE for Brandon so he can win a free 11x14. After I post all of the sneak peaks from Hanna's Photo Party, I'll count up all the LIKES under their blog posts and announce the winner. And now with the Like button right below the title of this post - you have no excuse not to vote. It's easy-peasy.

Here you go, Brandon. I'll have the rest on my site by Wednesday.

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