Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hanna's Photo Party: Maria T {Plano, TX Senior Photography}{Allen, TX Senior Photography}

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Maria was a true joy to photograph. Quiet at first, I was curious to see how well she would do in front of the camera. I had nothing to worry about, she was a natural. Like Hanna, she is a great young lady.

Maria is another natural beauty. I love her big brown eyes and her glowing olive skin (which reminds me of my own daughter Alden). Take a look at her eye-lashes. They go on for miles. Usually boys are the ones with naturally long lashes. Maria is one of the lucky ones, I guess.

Here you go, Maria. These are a few of my favorites from Hanna's photo party. I should have everyone's galleries up by tomorrow evening.

One thing I was completely impressed with has nothing to do with Maria's looks. Toward the end of the session her father called and requested she come home as soon as she could. Though we were in the middle of her session and we were having a great time, she didn't once complain. She didn't bad mouth her dad for putting an end to her fun. She simply obeyed. My children often hear me tell them (sometimes in a little song) "We listen and obey, the very first time with a happy heart." How refreshing to see a modern day young adult, from a culture that isn't always very respectful of their elders, do just that.

I'm proud of you girl!

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