Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hanna's Photo Party {Plano, TX Senior Photographer}{Allen, TX Senior Photographer}

Hanna and I have known each other now for a couple of years. I first met her when my neighbor organized a group of girls for me to photograph when I was first building my teen portfolio two years ago. Hanna was the only one of those original five girls (other than my neighbor) who kept in touch. She's a sweet heart through and through, and I just think the world of her. And, after meeting her mom and sister during this session it's clear to see the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

To say Hanna is beautiful is an understatement. She's one of those lucky few in the world who looks great even without makeup - she's a true classic beauty. This time around Hanna's a senior in high school. With her help we organized another photo party (for which she earns free prints) with a different spin in mind. This is just the first round of our big plan. Believe me, the best is yet to come. We have something truly unique and exciting planned for the next sessions.

For this first session, everyone met at my house and brought along all their wardrobe options. We had a blast selecting outfits for the group shots and individual portraits. It was mayhem for sure, but the good sort. We had plans to shoot at Legacy Books for a "back to school" vibe, but their doors were closed when we got there (as in for good). Why they failed to mention that on their website is beyond me. No worries, we quickly decided to move the session to the parking garage nearby, and the results were pretty amazing.

Let's get to it! I want you to meet Hanna's friends: Brandon, Maria, Maria, and Sara (who happens to be Hanna's sister).

I don't want to keep these wonderful young people waiting much longer. They've been patiently waiting for my internet service to get back up and running all day long so I could publish this post - as have I (only not quite as patiently). Be on the look out for their individual sneak peaks in the days to come.

I'll also be posting some information about our new Senior Photo Party packages soon, so keep an eye out for that as well. You won't want to miss out on the great deals. Photo Parties are a great way to make your senior pictures more memorable and affordable by sharing the session fee and the experience with your friends. They're a total blast!

Thanks so much for coming out for the session, everyone! You were all such a pleasure to work with! We'll have your client galleries up in a few days.

First up, meet Hanna (our photo party hostess you could say)! As always, Hanna, you are simply stunning...

I shot this image of Maria while she was getting ready in the backseat of the car. The lighting was perfect, so I grabbed the camera and created this lovely portrait of her. I love Maria's natural beauty and her inviting smile.

Brandon has one of those faces that the camera just LOVES. I can't wait for you to see the rest of his images. They are Seriously Fantastically Cool! I enjoyed getting to know you, Brandon, and am super proud of the HUGE smile I captured of you at the very end of our session - just you wait! Thanks for coming out all the way from Arlington!

Maria made me LOVE being a photographer. Seriously, this girl is a KNOCK-OUT and was so comfortable in front of the camera. She's such a genuinely nice person too. It was great meeting you, girl!

Hanna's sister Sara showed up a little later with her mom. What a nice surprise to meet part of Hanna's family. Sara reminds me of Hanna two years ago. Back then Hanna was the shy one in front of the camera. Now, Sara is. It makes me excited to see what two years from now will bring for Sara. In the meantime, I'm loving Sara's shy personality. She's real as real can be and doesn't pretend to be anything she's not. What you see is what you get. Not, bad, huh? Pretty darn lovely if you ask me.

A good friend of mine came along on this photo shoot. She ALWAYS inspires me to be at my creative best and I just genuinely enjoy shooting with her. Besides, she doesn't have children of her own yet, so I know she's always up for a late night session at short notice. Margaret will be posting some of her own pictures from this session on Facebook in a couple weeks. I'll be sure to link to her page when those are out.

Margaret was taking some group shots of the girls while I was working with Brandon on a lower level of the parking garage. I turned around and caught this glimpse through the guard rails and LOVED it! Now, if only I could decide what I like better. The natural lighting...

or the silhouette...

Feel free to help me decide!

Thanks again everyone for coming out and making this night so much fun!

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