Monday, November 8, 2010

Lisa and Her Boys {Allen, TX Family Photographer}

Lisa is the Director at my daughter Alden's preschool. She does a fabulous job keeping everything running smoothly and is a wonderful support to the teachers and staff. I'm amazed that she seems to know every parent and every child's name. She greets us at the door every morning with a joyful, genuine smile. It is no wonder that under her leadership our school has been named the top preschool in the area. Thanks for all you do, Lisa!

Lisa's family is my first post-Cliff Mautner seminar session, so it was quite fun to put some of my new skills into practice. Lisa's oldest, Cole, was quite the little stinker early on. But, once he saw what was being produced in the camera, I think he started to take things a little more seriously. He rocked his portraits!

You know, It's always fun to hang with a family with all boys. This time was no different. Dad actually surprised me, as he was up for almost anything. I'm loving his head-shots. Lisa and I were struck at times by how much her youngest son, Caleb, resembles my daughter Alden. They both have the same dreamy brown eyes, flowy brown hair, and "pinch me I'm so cute" full cheeks. I was in heaven editing these pics!

I know you've been waiting all morning for these, Lisa. So, here you go. A little Christmas present a few weeks early!

Thanks so much for coming out for a session!

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