Friday, November 5, 2010

Light My World

Yesterday I returned from Cliff Mautner's bootcamp at his studio in Haddonfield, New Jersey. It was an awesome experience! I'll be sure to blog in full about that adventure later in the week. For now I wanted to share some photos I took of Alden this afternoon using some skills I learned at the workshop.

Cliff has a gift for seeing light in spectacular and dramatic ways. I wanted to put what I learned into practice as quickly as possibly to help everything sink in. What a blessing to have had the opportunity to catch even just a little of his vision.

Alden just recently celebrated her 4th birthday, so it was the perfect chance to snap some of those milestone portraits. She's been a bit "camera stubborn" lately, so I handed her my cell phone and suggested we take turns taking pictures of each other. She was more than happy to play along, and it really took the pressure off of her to perform. We ended up having the best time playing photographer together.

Here's my little slice of heaven here on earth - my very own sweet, little, brown-eyed girl!

I love you Aldi-Bear! Thanks for letting mommy take your picture today.


READER CHALLENGE: One of these pictures is not like the other. Can you figure out which one and why it's different? Leave your answer in the comments. I'm curious to see who will figure it out first.


  1. Wowsers, I didn't realize how much she looks like her Daddy! Great photos, too, Tammy!

  2. Doesn't she, though! It's crazy. She lucked out on that gene pool!

  3. Love them! Love the lighting. Is it the 7th one down...the one of her grabbing her feet? It's not backlit. :) Beautiful girl and great pictures. Can't wait to hear all about the workshop!

  4. Kelly, you are right. That is the only image that is front lit instead of back lit. Nice job! Hope to see you soon.


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