Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Michelle and Abraham: Cliff Mautner Bootcamp Models {Dallas, TX Wedding Photographer}

I only got to work with Michelle and Abraham as a couple during the second day of Cliff's workshop. Thankfully, I was able to get in a couple good shots before my flash and pocket wizards started acting up. Here's one of my favorite - which was part of our flash assignment on our second day of shooting. Cliff taught us how to use off-camera fill-flash in such a lovely way. I adore the fact that you can't really tell flash was used at all.

Michelle and Abraham were actually the only bride and groom models who weren't a real-life couple. They make for pretty pictures, though, don't they?

I have to say, of all the models I worked with during Cliff's Bootcamp, Michelle and Abraham were the most reserved. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that it was their first time to meet each other. It was also Michelle's first time to work at one of Cliff's workshops. They were great!

Throughout our two days of working with the models, I spent quite a bit of time with Michelle. I really enjoyed her sweet, serene spirit. She and I both suffered through the cold weather together. It wasn't unbearably cold, just cold enough that the models needed to warm up every once in a while between shots. Thankfully, there was a drug store across from the park so I could pick up some tissues! What is it about cold weather that makes one's nose run anyway?

Here's Michelle with my scarf. It's a great color on her - especially against that awesome leather coat!

Abraham had a whole other reason to be quiet. He didn't speak English! Thankfully, Claudia and one of the other models spoke his language, so it wasn't a problem at all. I believe he's one of the only male models I took individual portraits of. (Still can't believe I passed up that opportunity! Hello! What was I thinking!)

Looking good, Abraham. Looking good!

Michelle and her fiance, Adam, are getting married on July 10th at a vineyard in NJ. They love the idea of an outdoor wedding as it better fits their personality. (I can totally relate. My husband Steve and I were married outdoors as well.) Michelle was especially excited to work for Cliff so she could get some practice in wearing a wedding dress before her big day. I have to tell you, Michelle, all us girls were drooling over your engagement ring! It's amazing!

Other than planning a wedding, Michelle stays busy with school and models part time. She just graduated with a degree in Biology and is currently waiting to hear back from some graduate programs in the medical field. She has loved all her Science courses and is hoping to follow in her grandfather and uncle's footsteps - who are both accomplished physicians whom she has admired from a very young age.

In the meantime, Michelle picks up modeling jobs to hold her over until school starts up again. She has been modeling for the past six years and just recently modeled for Aysha Saeed's Spring/Fall fashion show to air any day now on ABC. I'll ask her to pass along a link once that airs.

In her free time Michelle loves playing the piano, cooking, and hanging out with her Greyhound, Alli (although not necessarily in that order). And, in case you are wondering where she gets her exotic looks, she shared with me that her parents are from Ecuador with Spanish and Turkish decent. As a child she traveled a lot because her father was captain of the Ecuadorian marines. Her family would all travel along with him on his various assignments.

I love these images of Michelle I was able to capture during Cliff's Bootcamp. I think it's fair to say, she'll make a lovely bride herself in a few short months.

Just one quick aside: I am not responsible for setting up the image where Michelle has her arm against the lamp post. That was the creative eye of my new friend Desirea Rodgers at PennyBird Photography. The last few images were also created with the assist of Claudia - who held the off-camera flash. Love this look!

Michelle and Abraham, the two of you are such stunning individuals. Best wishes for the things to come! And, Michelle, I can't wait to see your "real" wedding pictures soon! Congratulations!

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