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Ryan Windish and Lisa Woods: Cliff Mautner Bootcamp Models {Dallas, TX Wedding Photography}

I'm so excited to introduce you to the following two models - real life couple, Ryan Windish and Lisa Woods. Not only were they a pleasure to work with (so gracious and kind), but both of their careers are really taking off. It's quite exciting! Yet, before I fill you in on all the amazing projects the two of them have going on, I thought you might like to hear about how the two of them met.

[BTW, if you haven't figured it out yet. I REALLY enjoy writing!]

Lisa and Ryan both attended the University of Rhode Island and lived off campus in houses by the Narrangansett beach. Though they lived less than a mile from one another, they never knew each other until after they both graduated and moved back to their home towns in the suburb of Philly.

Two summers ago they were booked for the same job down in AC and made the "college connection". They went on a few dates after that but didn't really get together until recently when Cliff Mautner hired both of them for a Scott Kelby training video a few months ago. They've been dating ever since.

So, apparently, besides being a terrifically talented photographer, Cliff is a great little match-maker too! (Just teasing, Cliff.)

Over the years Ryan and Lisa have worked on some interesting projects together. Most recently they are both featured in this month's NHL catalog - even making the same page. Last year they were featured in a Pepsi Max Winter Classic ad that ran in Maxim magazine. Along with various other department store and Halloween ads, they even worked on an upcoming movie together (more about that later).

Lisa says that she loves working with Ryan and is so thankful for his help with the acting side that their jobs require.

Here's one quick picture of the two of them (I can't wait any longer.) before I go on to tell you what each of them are up to individually. This particular image was taken with off-camera flash with the help of my friend Claudia.

You can't tell in this black-and-white image, but the two of them have the most amazing eyes. I remember telling them during our time together that I had serious "eye-envy". Man, they are both such beautiful people!

Back to their stories: I was super stoked to receive a facebook from Ryan yesterday - from LA! He is actually in the process of moving there and getting settled to take his acting career to the next level. So far he loves it there and is looking forward to a visit next month from Lisa - who is also considering a move to Tinseltown soon.

Ryan has been busy these past few months working on several exciting projects. He was featured in a Scunci ad that ran in last month's Cosmopolitan and Elle magazines and recently did a pilot for the old "Dance Party USA" show. If the show is picked up, it will be renamed and he'll be the host! (I'll keep you posted.)

Be sure to look for Ryan in the big-budget indie film called "You Can't Have It All" with Wendie Malick and John Lindstrom (from As The World Turns). He has a few other projects on the back burner, so be on the look-out!

On a personal note, he's a big time hockey player and fan (as you can see in his profile pic on facebook).

I'm just now realizing that I didn't get a picture of just Ryan. Sorry about that, bud. I think we were just so excited to have such a beautiful couple to photograph that we forgot about taking individual pictures of each of you that day. Lisa was flying solo on day one of the Bootcamp, so thankfully, I have quite a few of her (as you'll see below).

As for Lisa, not only is she excited to check out LA, but she also has some exciting projects in the works. Can you believe she's been modeling for over 10 years now! In this industry, that's saying something! She just completed a three day campaign shoot down in AC for Harrahs Showboat Casino and had her first TV debut (with speaking roles) on an episode of this season's USA Network show Royal Pains. She was also in a recent episode of this season's White Collar.

Lisa is just now getting her feet wet in the acting world. She's hoping her featured extra role in this December's "How Do You Know" (with Reese Witherspoon and Owen Wilson) will survive the edit room cuts. If so, look for her in a quick scene as a Christian wife to one of the baseball players. She also has featured extra roles in a few other upcoming films: "Something Borrowed" (Kate Hudson), "Friends with Benefits" (Justin Timberlake), and "Dark Fields" (Bradley Cooper) - in which Ryan was hired as the stand in for Bradley Cooper. Pretty cool!

It's hard to believe, but Lisa shared with me that she was not always comfortable in front of the camera. I had told her about how my daughter Alden has such a hard time posing naturally for me, and how I didn't think modeling was in her future (though everyone always tells me she should). She told me not to give up hope as she herself remembers hiding her face (and finding excuses not to be in group photos) for three whole years of her life.

I'm so glad you came out of your shell, Lisa, so we can all enjoy your natural beauty.

Thanks so much for sharing your stories, Ryan and Lisa. I just love these images of the two of you from Cliff's Bootcamp. The two of you were both so easy-going and fun to photograph!

While down-loading images from the workshop I realized that I tend to take a lot of vertical images - perhaps to fit the whole wedding dress in. I'm not sure. Anyway, Cliff helped to encourage us to take more horizontal shots and even gave us tips on how to improve upon the vertical ones we take. He taught us that you need to get down low to take vertical shots so that the lines do not get distorted. I was taking my shots straight-on which was a mistake - causing the bottom half of the image to appear larger than the top. Apparently when you shoot straight on, you naturally tilt the camera down a little. This little movement causes the distortion you see in many vertical images. I think I got it right in this last one though.

Can I just say again what a lovely couple these two make! It's always a joy to be around two people who love an admire each other so much!

Thanks again, Ryan and Lisa, for sharing your story with us. I'm excited to see what is in store for the two of you - both professionally and relationally. Keep me posted on upcoming projects, and I'll be sure to let my readers know where they can see you next!

Many blessings to the two of you!

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