Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rob, Jack, and Sarah Jane {Allen, TX Family Photography}

I LOVE this family. Jack goes to school with my son Stephen, and we all play at the park together after school. These are the sweetest children - truly. Jack and Stephen enjoy play dates at each other's homes, and Rob is always so great about being a big buddy to Stephen - even though Stephen is so much younger. Alden loves Sarah Jane (but misses her now that S.J. is off at the middle school).

I first met Julie at playgroup when Jack was just 9 months old. Stephen had just been born. It wasn't long until I discovered that Julie and I are very like-minded in many things. What a blessing to have this kind of support in a friend and fellow parent at our son's school.

I'm starting with my favorite image of the day: Rob on top of the train followed by a couple of him ringing it's bell. To get a feel for how high off the ground we are, take a look at the building in the lower left corner of the image. I'm sitting atop a ledge - just praying I won't fall off.

Man, I LOVE the sunlight in this one!

Here's his beautiful older sister, Sarah Jane.

And their youngest brother, Jack.

And I couldn't resist posting just one more of Rob - a favorite of Julie's.

You can't tell in this last shot, but this was actually kind of dangerous. They are all stacked up on a ledge of the train many feet off the ground. I think they loved the danger though. It seems to have really brought out their genuine smiles, anyway!

Julie is sending out Christmas cards this year with a family picture from this session, so I'm going to resist the urge to post any family pictures on the blog.

Merry Christmas, you all! Thanks for coming out for a session

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