Tuesday, December 14, 2010

An End of the Year Gift that Gives Back...

It's that time of year. Time for end-of-the-year charitable giving. Almost at every store front Jingle bells can be heard, and we find ourselves digging through our coat pockets for spare change to donate. That little red bucket provides an easy way to give anonymously without great sacrifice on our parts, and we all walk away feeling good about "doing our part".

The Salvation Army has great success with this approach, but isn't there MORE that WE can do? What if we were to give in a way that demanded something deeper of ourselves - more thought, more love, more sacrifice? What if this year we were to give with the goal of changing lives?

Tammy Labuda Photography wants to encourage you to do just that. So, for the next three days we will match any amount you donate to charity with a gift certificate for portraits, up to $250.

Here's how it works: Say you donate $100 to the American Veterans Society. We'll send you a $100 gift certificate for portraits with Tammy Labuda Photography to be used toward your next portrait session. No expiration date. Use your gift certificate on any future session or book one now. You can even give it away as a gift. It's your choice.

All you need to do is send us the receipt/confirmation of your donation (It must be dated within the next three days), and we'll match your donation with a TLP gift certificate of the same dollar amount. (Not valid with already completed sessions. Print minimums apply.)

We also want to challenge you to make your gift personal. Do you have a family member suffering from diabetes? Perhaps you know someone in the military and could make a donation to an organization that provides gifts to our soldiers for the holidays. Is there a missionary you could support?

We challenge you to bless someone this Christmas season - and look forward to blessing you in return!

Here are a few ideas:

Help my friend Julie's daughter Lizzie raise awareness for Autism by donating to the National Autism Association of North Texas.

Checks can be mailed to:
2232 Cross Bend Road
Plano, TX 75023

Here's a picture of Lizzie at home and at her school:

Or, join in the fight against Breast Cancer by contributing to my friend Flora's charity of choice - Cleaning for a Reason. This organization offers free housecleaning services to cancer patients going through chemo therapy and radiation treatments. What a creative and practical way to help those fighting this life-threatening disease!

I'm thrilled to report that beautiful Flora has been cancer free for one year now. Here she is with her precious boys!

Several of my friends suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. You can help people like my friend Colleen's mom Monica find a cure for this terrible disease by visiting the National MS Society on the web to make a donation.

Here's Colleen's two little boys with their Grandmother who battles MS daily.

Lastly, consider helping Katie, a young missionary girl who has adopted over 10 little girls, feed and educate hundreds of hungry children in Africa through the foundation she started:

Amazima Ministries

The choices are limitless. Make a difference today! We look forward to seeing you in the year to come.

Happy Giving and Merry Christmas!

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