Thursday, April 14, 2011

Minis for Lizzie: Laura, Jeff, Gwen, and Reed {Allen, TX Photographer}{National Autism Association - North Texas}

The last time I took Laura and Jeff's family pictures it involved several lawn mowers and dangling adorable little Gwen from a porch railing. Yep! It was a HOOT! (Don't worry, it wasn't nearly as dangerous as it sounds. Don't believe me? Check it out here.)

This time we added more fun to the mix - Gwen's baby brother, Reed. And, boy is he adorable! He gave his sister a run for her money in the best smile ever category. Truthfully, it's way too close to call.

Don't you just LOVE his hair?

Sadly, we learned a very hard lesson during this session:
Chewing gum and portraits don't mix!

Laura, I'm so sorry I didn't notice this until after your session was over! I promise to spend a little extra time in my "digital darkroom" to see if I can't save a very cute shot!

Thank you, guys, so very much for coming out to support Lizzie and our fundraiser for the National Autism Association of North Texas!

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