Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Texans No More! {Allen, TX Photographer}

Maddox was in my son Stephen's Kindergarten class last year. His family had just moved to Texas a few weeks before school started. We met his dad and sister Skylar at our neighborhood park. We met Courtney a few weeks later at Maddox's birthday party.

Quite a few families in our neighborhood hang out at the park after school. Tim, Maddox, and Skylar were regulars. We've all gotten to know each other quite well. It's the best neighborhood fun!

Skylar and my daughter Alden became fast friends. They especially enjoy looking for rolly poly bugs under rocks and hanging out with Reagan and Alexa. Our kids have enjoyed quite a few play dates together.

Now, 2 years later, Courtney's career is moving them on to another state. We are all a little sad to see them go, but are happy to hear they'll be living much closer to family.

To remember their time here in Texas, Tim was hoping to have their family pictures taken out in the bluebonnet fields. Unfortunately, it rained almost every single time our schedules matched up during the Spring season.

Tim's Plan B was to find a big Texas Long-horn in a field somewhere. He wasn't content to just stand at a distance in front of the steer, mind you. No, he wanted his family to actually sit on top of the steer (a live one) while I took their pictures (with my longest lens from far off in the distance, I imagine). He even located a farm that offered their steers as photographic props. All he had to do was convince Courtney...

Courtney had other dreams. She had visions of wheat fields and sunsets - a much more classic backdrop in her opinion. She even got Tim's best friend here in Texas to side with her.

Who won? Take a look!

You have to admit, Tim. A wheat field is a lovely backdrop for a family portrait.

Have you noticed that I'm on a silhouette kick these days. Love this one!

Well, guys, we'll miss you! Best wishes to you all. Keep in touch!


  1. Thank you Tammy for the commentary and great photo shoot. I appreciate your work and it was a pleasure to meet you when I was visiting Tim, Courtney, Skylar and Maddox,in the great Lone Star State and Allen, Texas. AS the "Mom" I will be very happy to have them back East in driving distance from beautiful South Carolina. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks so much! I remember you well. What a great grandma and mom. I wish you all many wonderful times together!


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