Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Texas School Experience {Dallas, TX Photography School}

This past May I attended Julia Wood's "Being You" class at Texas School. Being my first ever Texas School experience, it was the perfect class for me.

Julia and her husband Jeff own a very successful portrait and wedding photography studio in the Midest. Portrait Life serves as a wonderful model to aspiring photographers around the country. It was an honor to hear Julia share her business model, and her heart, with us at Texas School.

I signed up for Julia's class at the recommendation of Cliff Mautner (who's Lighting and Skillset Bootcamp I attended back in the fall). Cliff told us never to pass up an opportunity to learn from Julia. I'm so glad I took his advice.

Julia spoke to us about following our hearts in our personal lives as well as in our photography businesses. She challenged us to take the time to discover and celebrate what makes each of us unique. Of course, in order to follow your heart, you have to take time to listen to your heart - which is what this leave of absence of mine is all about.

We also gained an inside look at the ins-and-outs of running a successful photography business. My oh my, there's so much information I need to mull over in the next few months.

All-in-all Texas School was great fun. I met some wonderful people and even had the opportunity to hang out each day with one of my favorite photography buddies. Brooke and her husband Rolf are so much fun!

Each night Texas School sponsored a catered meal and a program of some sort. According to Sandy Puc (another Texas School Instructor), Texas School is known as the party school of all photography schools. While I missed out on the Mardi Gras party, I did enjoy The Concert in the Park night and the Texas Shoot Out. I even bungee jumped on the trampoline - if you can believe that!

The following images were taken either during class or at the Shoot Out.

I just LOVE taking pictures for FUN!

My favorite models of the week had to be Alex and his fiancee Corrine (otherwise known as Miss Antoinette). I'm a pretty straight-laced gal. I don't often run into folks with nose rings and tattoos. But Alex and I hit it off right away.

Alex hopes to graduate with an engineering degree so that he can take human prosthetics to the next level. He's a super intelligent young man and a very nice guy!

Instead of shying away from Alex's nose ring. I embraced it and decided to celebrate it! He wears it well!

Corrine had food poisoning the day before, so I didn't meet her until the Texas Shoot Out. She grabbed quite a bit of attention, and many photographers were excited at the opportunity to photograph her. She's a traffic stopper for sure!

I loved Corrine's tattoos - which I learned were inspired by her favorite childhood animation cartoon.

Corrine's modeling name is Miss Antoinette. If you live in the Dallas area and are in need of a model with some funky, urban flare, you can email her at

Those of you who know me know that I thrive on these urban type shoots. But, there's still a soft spot in me for the little ones. Check out these three little cuties! They showed up to Julia's class on our scheduled shooting day. We all had great fun chasing them around and grabbing whatever shots we could of them. All are perfectly adorable!

And who doesn't love a clown - especially a clown with a camera!

If you are interested in an affordable photography school, Texas School may be right for you. Check out this past year's list of instructors to get a taste of what Texas School has to offer. Though I'll be "on sabbatical" for the rest of this year. I already hear Texas School calling my name for 2012.

A special "Thank You!" to Julia Woods for teaching from the heart with honesty and integrity. I'm forever indebted to you for encouraging me along my road to personal discovery! Many blessings to you as you continue to pursue yours!

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