Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sara and Sofia: Twins {Allen, TX Newborn Lifestyle Photography}

One of my very best friends back home just became a mommy for the first time! Julie and her husband Tony are now the proud parents of precious twin girls. We are so excited for them!

Sofia Antionette (named after her daddy) and Sara Ann (who shares her mother's middle name) arrived 5 weeks before their due date.

Here they are at 5 weeks old.

Both babies spent time in the NICU after they were born. Julie was also hospitalized for a time. Needless to say, these first few weeks have been a tough transition for them. Thankfully, Julie and Tony's friends and family have surrounded them with loving support.

I know they are very grateful!

Sara was released from the NICU a couple weeks before her sister Sofia. This gave Julie and Tony a little time to ease into their new role as parents. Sofia came home a couple weeks later and had only been home about two weeks before my visit.

When Sofia first came home, the doctors limited visitors to immediate family members (adults only). I didn't even know if I would be allowed to visit during my trip to Indiana or not. Thankfully, it worked out and my parents graciously agreed to watch Stephen and Alden so I could make the trip up north to visit.

As you may recall, I had planned to take some pictures of these two little angels. Obviously, neither the parents or the babies were up for a full blown session just yet.

It was important to me that I be as unobtrusive and gentle as possible. I didn't undress them. I didn't pose them. I didn't use any props. I simply let them be - snapping only a few candid pictures here and there.

The best part of this plan is that it allowed both Julie and I plenty of time to catch up and enjoy the girls. I even discovered something I never knew about Julie before. And here I thought I knew it all! In my wildest imagination I would have never guessed Julie was a "news junkie". Old 90210 re-runs. Yes. News programs. Not in a million years!

You really do learn something new everyday!

But the best part of our day was all thanks to Tony. Even though it was the last day of his paternity leave, he sweetly offered to watch Sara and Sofia so that Julie and I could go out and grab some lunch.

What a treat! Thank You, Tony!

Congratulations, Julie and Tony! Your girls are so precious!

What an honor to hold these little answers to prayer and to see first-hand God's special blessings on your family. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit!

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  1. I really enjoyed our visit also! Thanks for coming and for taking the pictures!


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