Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rachel {Model Comp Cards}{Dallas, TX Headshots}{Dallas, TX Model Photographer}

A friend of my mother's called me about a month ago inquiring if she could hire me to create a model portfolio for a friend of hers. Of course, this was right up my alley and I eagerly accepted the job!

Kathy met Rachel at work. They both take care of an elderly lady named Mary through a private, in-home assisted living program. Kathy has the morning shift while Rachel takes care of Mary in the evenings.

Ever since they met, Kathy has been encouraging Rachel to send in her pictures to modeling agencies. Little did she know that Rachel used to model when she lived in Kenya, Africa. Modeling has been a long-time dream of Rachel's, but she had to leave the industry in order to care for her younger siblings.

Rachel is the oldest of 5 children. Their mother died from cancer when she was a teenager. Shortly after that their father died of a snake bite. Rachel has diligently cared for her younger siblings since their parents passed away. Just one year ago she moved here from Kenya to finish up her pharmacy degree. Even now she sends money back home to help support her family. They all keep in touch with one another through skype.

She's a remarkable young lady!

Since moving to Dallas and meeting Kathy, Rachel is excited to give her dream of modeling another go. I wish you could have seen her pure joy during our session. She was so excited!

Kathy has been Rachel's biggest encouragement in this endeavor. I'm pretty sure she's Rachel's biggest fan!

That brings us to this session. When I met Rachel, she had this smile that came straight from the heart. You know you are meeting a kind person when you can feel the warmth of their heart shine through their smile and their eyes.

That is Rachel.

We had so much fun Styling Rachel for this session and creating a variety of different looks for her portfolio. I even broke out the white seamless! What a great day! What an adventure!

I'll be posting Rachel's model comp card after she makes her final selections. For now, here's a little sneak peak of one of the most stunning women I've had the privilege of meeting in a very long time (inside and out).

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  1. what a gorgeous woman and what great lighting in these pictures. beautiful work Tammy!


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