Friday, May 4, 2012

A Proper Tea with Signy {Allen, TX Photographer}

I've known Signy for a few years now. Her son Dexter was in Kindergarten with my son Stephen and her Gabi is less than a year older than my Alden. Signy and I enjoy getting together from time to time while our children play. Our conversations are always rich, honest, and full.

Signy moved here with her husband and two children from Canada several years ago. To my benefit (and many others), she brought along her warm northern hospitality. In fact, she may just single-handedly be responsible for the social life of most of the moms at our school and within the surrounding neighborhood.

She sure is fun!

Signy livens us up and makes us all feel so good about ourselves. She regularly opens her home to others - and is a kindred spirit in that regard.

I grew up in the Dutch Midwest where warm hospitality was everyone's middle name. We were always visiting with other people in their homes - and they in ours. It's been so nice to connect with a few other people here in Texas who share a similar culture of fellowship and openness.

Not only is Signy a fabulous and sincere host (and wonderful friend), she has great taste. She is a fashionista at heart. Her style is casual, current (yet timeless) and colorful - not unlike her personality. She'd be the perfect stylist to the stars (or even the girl next door)!

She's also fearless!

There aren't many women in North Texas who can pull off a fascinator quite like Signy does. Just take a look! Here she is at a proper tea we attended together this past week. When she told me she'd be wearing her J Crew polka dot dress and a fascinator, I knew it would be wise to tote my camera along.

And, I'm sure glad I did.

Gotta love her big green eyes!

These pictures were taken inside the home of our host for the day - such lovely, lovely light! One of these days I'll have to introduce you to her as well - yet another remarkable lady. Perhaps I can convince her to let me interview her. Talk about a fire-cracker! That woman was an inspiration!

So glad you dragged me along, Signey! What a fun experience!

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