Thursday, July 19, 2012

Melanie: Bridals {Dallas Wedding Photography}

Melanie is getting married this fall, just one day prior to my own wedding anniversary.  In my opinion, October is the perfect time of year here in Texas for an outdoor wedding.  Here's hoping the weather is as gorgeous on her wedding day as it was on ours almost 12 years ago.

July, on the other hand, is not the ideal time of year for outdoor bridal portraits.  But, Melanie was a pro - handling the heat with great poise and a wonderful attitude.

Melanie's best friend Kristin made the beautiful brooch bouquet and shoes you see below.  The bouquet was handmade for her own wedding using many of her grandmother's jewels.  She plans to create another masterpiece for Melanie's wedding as well.

I think she needs to open up an Etsy store!

Kristin was also on hand to do Melanie's hair and makeup.  With gorgeous eyes like Melanie's, you simply can't go wrong.  What a stunning bride!

A big "Thank You!" to my friend Margaret for coming along to assist.  You're the best!


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