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A Day in the Life: Flora, Jonathan, Jacob and Connor {Allen, TX Family Photographer}

Flora.  She is as beautiful and lovely as her name.  Inside and Out!  But, these past few years have been anything but lovely for her and her family.  Breast cancer has invaded her body twice in the past several years.  Currently, she is in the middle of her 4th round of chemo therapy to treat this second battle with cancer.

God healed her body three years ago, and she and her family have full faith that He can heal her again. They could be angry at God for allowing this disease to ravage her body yet again.  They are not.  Instead they cling to the comfort He provides and to the hope that is found in CHRIST JESUS alone.  Their commitment to God and to one another is an inspiration!

Through it all, Flora continues to put others ahead of herself.  When she is too sick to go to the store herself to buy a baby card for a friend, she asks a friend to do it for her.  When you sit with her over lunch, she cares more about meeting your needs than talking about her own.  She could choose to wallow in self pity.  She could choose depression.  And though there are low moments, over all she chooses JOY!  She continues to pour herself into her friendships and into her family - refusing to allow her cancer to win over her compassion for others - and her zest for life.

She is a treasure!  I love her dearly!

The following post is from our recent "Day in the Life" photo session.  Flora wanted family pictures taken before she started her first round of chemo (before her hair fell out again).  I decided she needed a little bit more.  With her first round of chemo starting just days after our session, I wanted to give her what she so selflessly gives to others - a day of joy, fun, and laughter.  I wanted to capture her enjoying life with her family.  Having fun!  Celebrating life!

From playing legos together, to juicing, to hamming it up in the garage with their sports cars - and even playing a little trick on the boys during their family session that ended the evening - I hope these pictures capture the love they have for one another and the joy and passion that they share for life.

Throughout the post, I'll share a few stories.  So, sit back.  Relax.  And, please, take a moment to celebrate my friend Flora with me! (Who by the way, happens to be celebrating a very special birthday today.  Happy Birthday, Flora!)

. . . . . . . .

We started our session in the game room.  Jonathan, Flora, Jakob, and Connor all love building legos together.  The majority of their game room is set up with legos in mind.  In fact, it is such a passion that taking lego privileges away is considered by the boys to be the worst possible punishment for misbehavior.

I love this first image of Flora spying in on her boys.  They need to see this.  How she looks at them.  How she adores them!

This family comes up with some fantastic lego creations. 

Check out this disappearing cape.

I want one.  A real one!

Why, yes.  That is a lego villain getting run over by a lego car!

Here's that look again.  The look that says, "I love my family.  I adore these boys!"

The boys love playing chess together - lego chess, of course!  

I love their hats!

When Flora was going through her first battle with breast cancer, she met (and was inspired by) a lady who had recently recovered from her own battle with cancer.  To celebrate her recovery, her husband bought her a Porsche.

Flora got her own surprise from Jonathan when she went into remission as well.  

Way to go, Jonathan!

It turns out that Jonathan and Flora share a passion for autocross racing.  It wasn't long before Flora's car had a companion parked beside it in the garage.  

What's a photographer to do with TWO Porsches?  Have fun with it, of course!  I strongly suggested (i.e. ordered) Flora go out and buy some high heels.  I subtly (or not so subtly) cast the vision of her sexy self under the hood of the car with that fabulous hubby of hers!  Glad she bit the bullet!

Every man's dream, right?

Wouldn't you know a love for cars (or tools) has reached over to the next generation.  Connor and Jakob got in on the action too!  (FYI.  As requested, I left out a few of my favorite pictures.  Let's just say, this isn't ALL the family fun that was had that day in the garage!)

Since this was "A Day in the Life" session, it was importance to us that we capture every day life as it is right now.  We wanted to document how Flora's family supports her during this battle against cancer. 

A big part of Flora's health strategy is juicing.  Jonathan did a great job setting everything out in a magazine worthy way!  They juice three times a day, so this really is a big aspect to their daily life right now.

While Jonathan was setting everything up, Flora said something that really hit home to me.  She said, "I knew Jonathan loved me.  But, I didn't really know HOW MUCH he loved me until he started juicing for me!"

I hope this next sequence of images captures the deep love and compassion Jonathan has for Flora - and that they have for each other.  Jonathan is a servant at heart.  Any man who is willing to spend time in the kitchen has always been tops in my book!  A man that juices.  That's taking it to a whole different level.

We appreciate you taking such sweet care of our friend, Jonathan!

While he is a medical doctor by trade (and therefore knows a few things about healthy eating), the love Jonathan puts into preparing Flora's liquid treats every day transcends standard medical care.  It is an act of love!  He worked long and hard to find just the right mixture of fruits and vegetables to create a great tasting juice.  With all the torture chemo puts Flora's body through, the last thing he wanted was for Flora to have to down a nasty juice.  

What's his secret?  Adding grapes, carrots, apple and a splash of citrus to the otherwise bitter kale and cucumber.  After going through a shake based cleanse myself for 30 days, I can tell you he's on to something.  I tasted their concoction.  Not bad!  

"Well, done, Jonathan.  Well done!"

What's the saying?  "A family that drinks together stays together."  

I pray so!

Before we headed out to our location for their family portraits, we wanted to make sure we took some pictures with the family dog.  Such a cutie!

I love this winding road in McKinney.  It's the perfect location for a Porsche family photo session, don't you think?  Check out these shots of Jonathan and Flora!

 and her sexy heels (and legs)!

My beautiful, friend!

My husband has a Nassau Blue 1999 Corvette.  He bought it right before we were engaged.  Apparently, his friends had convinced him that I would never allow him to buy a two-seater after we got married.

They may have been right!

While it's a super cool car (and I'm getting better at driving manual every day), it hasn't been ideal for our family of four.  Any time I have to go somewhere without the kids, I'm forced to take the Corvette.  I can't really leave my husband and two children alone with a two-seater in the garage now, can I?

I think I'm going to ask for a Porsche next time around.  At least it has a back seat.  And, hopefully, I'd look as HOT as Flora does driving around in hers!

Thumb War!

When we were planning their session, Flora asked me, "Do you think it would be too naughty if Jonathan and I pretended to drive off in our car and leave the boys behind?"

Why, "No, Flora.  I don't.  In fact, I think that's a BRILLIANT idea!"

And it was...

I love that these boys love to wear hats! They are so dang handsome!

And, last but not least.  A couple traditional family portraits (and a couple not-so-traditional portraits).

Can you guess which of these four are their favorites!

 I love you guys!  Happy Birthday, Flora!   And Merry Christmas to all of you!!!!

. . . . . . . .

Please pray for this beautiful family as Flora continues on her road to recovery from Breast Cancer.


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these photos of Flora & her family and the wonderful love story they tell!! Flora is so beautiful on the inside and out, and you have captured it so well. You rock the sparkly silver heels, Flora!


  2. What an incredible job you've done capturing Flora and her sweet family! My heart swelled with love and joy reading your post and I can only imagine the happiness this brought them. Flora, I will be praying for your healing, recovery, peace and comfort! Much love to you and yours...happy birthday, sweetie!

    1. Thank you so much, Karen. They are such a precious family and are so blessed to have so many friends (like you) to support them during this time.


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