Friday, February 22, 2013

Girl's Weekend: Aida's Cabin {Beaver's Bend, Oklahoma}{Dallas Nature Photographer}

A friend of mine just recently celebrated a birthday - which reminded me of this post I've had stewing in the back of my mind for ages.

But first...

Happy Birthday, Aida!!!!

I met Aida through my friend Signy.  We soon discovered that we shared a passion for photography and hit it off right away.  Last fall Aida invited me and several of her other friends up to her beautiful cottage in Beaver's Bend, Oklahoma for a Girl's Getaway Retreat.  We enjoyed long talks, leisurely hikes, great food, delightful beverages, and a long soak in the hot tub.

It was great for all of us to get away from the craziness of day-to-day life with nothing to do but relax, talk and enjoy the beauty around us.  Can't you just imagine the wonderful conversations we had on this front porch!

Aida is such a giving person, and I'm so thankful she blessed us in this way!

I appreciate you, Aida!

Of course, knowing that Aida's cottage was in Beaver's Bend, Oklahoma, you already know that I packed my camera.  OK, I admit.  I packed almost all my gear.  Who knew? I just might feel the need to do a little travel or nature photography.  A girl's got to be prepared.  After all, I'd seen gorgeous advertisements for this adventure getaway in local magazines for years.  I KNEW it would be beautiful! 

But, I was also tired that weekend.

I knew I needed a break from my camera, so most of the time I intentionally left my camera behind.  I just sensed I needed to be "hands-free" for a bit.  Not weighed down.  Tammy.  Not Tammy the Photographer.

Perhaps it was our long soak in the hot tub, or the bubbly drink Signy had prepared for us, but my resolve to be camera-free somehow melted during our last hours at the cabin.

Something had caught my eye!

The afternoon light was bouncing off the bubbles in my wine glass creating a bubbly blanket around the lemon wedge floating inside.  My curiosity was peaked.  I found myself having the following conversation with myself:

"I bet my macro lens and I could have fun with this, " Tammy the photographer said.

"But, you need a break," my tired-mommy self answered back.

Who won? 

Take a look:

And, since I already had my camera out, I decided to take a little stroll.  My eyes were already on the hunt for something else to photograph.  Besides, I figured it was the perfect time to try something new.  There were no emails to answer, no kids to put to bed, no laundry to fold.

It was just me and the girls.

Time to get a little artsy!

By turning the camera's focus features to the manual settings, I was able to manipulate and blur the foliage around me to create some pretty fun abstract affects.  Photoshop textures perhaps???


As you know, I photograph people mainly.  I've discovered that taking time to photograph nature (and other subjects) from time to time always inspires and relaxes me.  

I start to see differently.

I even start to feel differently.

In the end my passion for photography is renewed, and I once again find myself looking for what I can create next.  I can then take this passion back to my portrait endeavors.

Here's a bit more of the beauty just steps outside Aida's cabin (which is available for rental, by the way).


Thank you! Thank you, Aida for opening your home away from home to us ladies!  It was just what I needed.

And to all my photographer friends out there, remember this:

Take some time away from what you normally photograph from time to time.  Put yourself out there in new and challenging ways.  It will renew your passion for your craft and energize your regular photography work.

Get those creative juices flowing.

Photograph something new.

Try out a new technique.

Live a little!

Just like a weekend away refreshes us so we can return to our every day lives with renewed passion and vigor, so too taking a break from your day-to-day photography routine, can breathe life into your photography career.

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