Friday, February 15, 2013

What to Wear: Lessons Learned from Philip Phillips {Philip Phillips}{American Idol}{Allen, TX Photographer}

I admit.  I'm a talent show competition junkie! 

America's Got Talent.  The X-Factor.  Star Search (Remember that one???).  American Idol.  

I love them all!!!

One of my all-time favorite talent show competitors is Philip Phillips from last year's season of American Idol.  I could listen to "Home" all day long!!!!

[Side Note] Maybe I should ask my husband, who is teaching himself how to play the guitar  - and works from home, to learn that song?  Then I COULD listen to it all day long!!! 

Not a bad idea...

What was my favorite moment from last year's season of American Idol?

Tommy Hilfiger was trying to convince Philip Phillips to change his look.  Philip resisted.  He was obviously not thrilled with breaking out of his jeans and t-shirt routine.  Though he took Tommy's advice to heart (Wasn't that a blazer he wore in the finale?), he did his best to stay true to himself.  He bucked contemporary trends and chose to stick to his guns.  

He chose to be himself!

Smart move, Philip!  Smart move!

He is a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy.  Why change that?  Hey, it works for Keith Urban!

This is how I encourage my clients to approach their wardrobe selections for their sessions. Your wardrobe choices should be a true and honest reflection of who you are.  Amped up a bit?  Sure.  (It is a special occasion, after all, right?)  But always be YOU!

If I suggest you wear a scarf or a chunky necklace to add interest and pattern to your family's look, but you never wear those accessories in real life.  Tell me!  I will work with you to find other ways to add that interest and texture.  

You should be comfortable.  You should be YOU! 

As a lifestyle photographer, my ultimate goal is to reflect who you are in the images I create.  Those images should be an honest peak into what makes you unique and beautiful.   

Take a look at Philip Phillips in his "Home" video below.  You'll get a real sense of who he is by doing so.  It's a brilliant representation of his personality!

I want my images of you to be the same. 

Here's Philip performing "Home":

In my opinion, this look is PERFECT for him!  He shouldn't change a thing!

What do you think?

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