Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer Vacation Part 3: County Line BBQ (Austin, TX Photography}

Several days before our Indiana trip, we took my parents down to see Austin, Texas. While we were there we visited with family friends, my husband's college roommate, and even toured the Texas State Capitol Building.

You'll see more pictures in the days to come, but one of our favorite spots in Austin is County Line - an extremely popular BBQ restaurant located along the river. The atmosphere is fantastically casual, with plenty to keep little ones busy. Of course, the food is outstanding as well.

We start with this:

And hang around for this:

There are always a couple swans on hand to steal the food away from the turtles, but this time we were pleasantly surprised to see a new baby swan swimming along with its parents. Something about swans always calms me. Add a little sunset to the mix and we've got a little slice of heaven.

A picture really doesn't do justice to the scene you find at County Line. Believe it or not, this is just a handful of the bazillion turtles that make the County Line docks their weekend hang-out place of choice.

We love this place! Stephen and Alden are never bored at County Line. They adore feeding the swans and turtles, and what a thrill it is for us to see the joy on their faces as they become one with nature.

Who knew boys would be into bracelets? Wish I were the person who had invented these Crazy Bands. Shape a simple rubber band into an automobile, an insect, or anything else you can think of and you've got yourself an instant hit, so it seems.

Of course County Line isn't just about good food and great outdoor fun, it's about the people you share the experience with. Stephen and Alden's Mamie (what she likes to be called instead of "Grandma") traveled up from Brownsville to meet up with us for the weekend. It was great spending time with her - as always.

We aren't the only ones meeting up with friends at County Line. The place is always packed with friends and family enjoying the great food, dancing to the live music on the patio, and overall just having a grand old time.

We'll be back for sure!


  1. Hey! Tell Stephen Jr. I am wearing my silly bands right now! I wear them daily and coordinate them to my outfit. They make me happy!

  2. I love that place!! Best bread and honey butter! (Not to mention BBQ sauce!)


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