Monday, December 20, 2010

Greg and Shana {Allen, TX Photography}

Greg is my good friend. His son Tyson has been in Stephen's class for the last two years, and they have become good buddies. I've gotten to know Greg as well, so it was an honor to take these pictures.

Greg is a single dad raising 5 children on his own. He's doing a wonderful job! His girlfriend Shana is also a single parent. She is raising three children. I used to think The Brady Bunch was a big group. Those guys have nothing on these two! Check it out!

Here's Greg's family. From oldest to youngest: Nick, Zack, Alexa, Reagan, and Tyson.

Shana has three children: Chase, Emma, and Eli.

And here's the happy couple:

These guys are the perfect match. They even run marathons together! It's nice to see a couple that is so supportive of one another.

Back to the session: We were taking pictures out at the Frisco Heritage Park - which was once again overflowing with professional photographers and their clients. I could tell some of those photographers were getting impatient with me while waiting for their turn at the various photo-op spots. Seriously? Come on, people. Have a little grace. I'm photographing 10 people here! Give me some space!

Almost all of their children were up for having their pictures taken. Several of the poses these young ones would strike were so hilarious. All-in-all, I think we got some very nice shots for only having an hour to shoot. Thankfully, the wind was only a problem in one of the individual pictures. (Don't worry, Alexa. You're on my to-do list!)

What a beautiful bunch of young people.


Emma and Chase:

Emma has such a wonderful natural beauty. She's a sweet, sweet, young lady.

And, Chase again:

Reagan, Nick, and Chase:


Zack and Eli,

And Reagan and Alexa:

Reagan was having a hard time relaxing in front of the camera. She's a serious girl by nature, but I've seen her smile on the playground and desperately wanted to capture that beautiful smile for Greg. I suggested the girls play a game to "give them a break". It worked like a charm!

Now that's more like it, girl! You are lovely. Just lovely!

Have a wonderful Christmas, everyone!

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