Monday, August 5, 2013

Wendy: An Invitation to Let Your Light Shine {California Portrait Photographer}

You've already met my beautiful friend Wendy.  I've gushed about her in a previous post HERE, so I'll keep this one short and sweet.

I'm excited because today I finally get to share her concept shoot with you.

If I had to use one word to describe Wendy, it would be PASSIONATE.  She is passionate about caring for her family, loving her husband, raising and homeschooling her three boys, nurturing her girlfriends, and cooking and eating great food...among other things.  But recently, she has a growing passion for something else.

Letting Her Light Shine!

Wendy has long been a women's conference speaker.  She encourages women of all ages to be better wives, better mothers, and better children of God.  She does this in an encouraging way that lifts up their spirits and renews their hope.  She never condemns.  She never condescends.

She simply loves.

Recently Wendy has felt God calling her not only to let her own light shine more faithfully, but also to encourage the women He places in her life to do the same.  She desperately wants others to join her in their commitment to share Jesus and his love for others with those they meet on a day to day basis.

She Invites Them to Let Their Lights Shine With Her!

Wendy and I decided her concept shoot should reflect this new calling on her heart.  She chose a lovely lighthouse in Mendocino as her setting.  I think it reflects and symbolizes her theme beautifully.

Shine With Me

And, of course, I couldn't just take one picture!

Earlier this same day, Wendy and I (along with our other Creative Retreat girlfriends) toured Mendocino.  It is a lovely coastal town boasting gardens between and in front of almost every home and shop.  The tall grasses reminded Wendy of a fun trick her dad taught her when she was a little girl.  I love that her fun-loving spirit still enjoys doing it to this day.

At a winery on the way into town.

Earlier in the week, we took a few more pictures out on her dad's dock.  Those were the fun group pictures I posted at the end of THIS POST.  Wendy grew up near the water and loves spending time at the lake as much as she can.  And, although she and Matt just sold their own lake home on the very same lake, Clear Lake will always hold a special part in her heart.  These next few images of Wendy celebrate the joy and peace the lake has brought her over the years.

You will often see Wendy texting or posting to facebook throughout the day.  She'll post pictures to share with her family or share an encouraging link with her friends.  It helps her stay connected to those she cares about most.  And, living in a house full of boys, that can bring much needed sanity.  I know from experience, connecting with others (especially other women) brings about great joy and peace to a woman's soul.  I love that this feeling of peace was captured in this last sunset image of her.

I love you, friend.  I'll be praying for you as you continue to answer God's call to be His Light in this dark world.  And I'll be praying that he uses you to affectively call others to join you in doing the same.

Thank you once again for inviting all of us ladies into your home and heart - and for your generous and caring friendship!


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You can keep up with Wendy on her blog "Love Covers a Multitude of Sons" HERE.

Watch a video from one of her Women's Retreats HERE.


  1. Beautiful. These pictures captured so much of how I "picture" Wendy. You are so gifted Tammy!

    1. Angie. Get ready. Next year, it's your turn! - Tammy


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